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Why 98.3% Of Small Business Owners Should Blog In 2014

Are you using a blog in your online marketing efforts to drive awareness and increase revenue?


In this blog post, I share 7 reasons why small business owners should blog in 2014. I also share an infograph with statistics on the power of blogging. See how Chuck E Cheese used blogging here. Also, here is a case study on how the Harlem Globe Trotters generated a 1,000% ROI with a well crafted blogger outreach program.

If you’ve read this site, you most likely know where I stand on blogging for small businesses. I think it’s an absolute must for any small business. In 2014, it will no longer be an option.

I would say all small business owners should be utilizing a blog, but I know there is a chance that an odd industry out there exists where it wouldn’t make sense. Hence, the title of the post stating 98.3% should be blogging, a number I completely made up. It gives me some wiggle room if anyone can prove to me an industry cannot use a blog to generate traffic, leads and sales.

For the record, I have not came across a single industry that should not be using a blog. Not one, but if you can find one, I’ll buy you a coffee :)

When business owners ask me if they should be blogging?

I always ask,

Do your prospects ask questions?

I get the same answer,

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Of course! They always have questions.

Then I ask,

Wouldn’t it make sense to answer those questions on your website? Chances are, if they are asking them, others probably have the same questions, too. Why not answer all the questions on the site and eliminate answering the same questions over and over.

Actually, I am not sure a blog would help sell this product (pictured below). Or a billion dollar marketing budget.

Yes, Pizza Hut cologne…


photo credit:


7 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Blog in 2014

  1. Best sales tool – A blog works for you 24/7/365, never calls in sick or takes a vacation. It also never flirts with the lady in accounting.
  2. Share you expertise – A blog is an excellent platform to showcase your knowledge and expertise. The ultimate positioning tool.
  3. Answer questions – A blog is an excellent place to answer any/all questions you’re received in the past from customers and/or prospects.
  4. Forces creativity – Being consistent with your content marketing strategy forces you to be creative with what to write.
  5. Increase revenue – The more content you produce and promote, the more website visitors you’ll attract. The more visitors results in more leads and the more leads typically equals more revenue.
  6. Mass exposure – Business bloggers are often times interviewed by journalists for stores where they are seeking industry expert. (The content on this site is featured on Yahoo, was linked to from New York Times and Staples within the last few weeks)
  7. Improve search engine rankings – The more content you produce, the more likely you will be found by your prospects when they are researching your industry online. As long as you have a content marketing strategy in place, optimizing for specific long-tail keywords, you should see a significant increase in search engines rankings.

I think those 7 reasons should convince you that having a blog in 2014 is a wise investment. If, for some reason, those reasons are not enough, here is an infograph from Neil Patel from Quick Sprout. (I interviewed him in October and you can see it here: My interview with Neil Patel)

Why Every Business Should Blog

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


I hope this post educates you on the power of using a blog in your marketing strategy. It’s a great way to give your brand a voice and it can be a fun way to generate business.

I’ve never heard of anyone having fun cold calling.


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