Why Social Media Is Important To Your SEO In 2012

You have heard it all before – Social media is an important element to your marketing strategy. You have heard it so many times in fact, that you are now blind and deaf to the topic. So Class of 2012 pay attention!

I assume you are one of the following three groups regarding social media and its effect on SEO.

You/your company:

  • Use social media and understand its importance.
  • Use social media and have no understanding how it affects SEO.
  • Do no social media and have no understanding how it affects SEO.

If you somehow fall into “Do no social media and understand how it affects SEO” then I hazard a guess you are just about to launch your social media marketing campaign. I hope so.

Google Analytics Goes Social

Humans by nature are social creatures, Google and all the search engines know this. This month saw the end of Google’s PostRank, that they acquired last June, and now you can access social data for your website through Google Analytics.

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So now, not only do Google have access to your backlink profile, but if you use their analytics they also have an in-depth view of how socially active your site is across social networks.

Now I don’t want to scare you all making wild accusations that backlinks are dead, but think about this for a moment – if your site has thousands of backlinks, but no social interaction, Google will work out something is amiss.

Backlinks are social recognition that your site is worthy of linking to (in the eyes of Google). So why would you have backlinks but no social signals? It simply does not make sense!

Make social media work for your SEO efforts

This is basic social media 101. I feel like screaming when I see a website that does not implement the basics when it comes to helping their social media presence and then complain that social media does not work for them. But yet you see their personal Facebook account is full of their musings of life, the universe and everything in between.

So please tick the following off and make them a daily task where necessary:

  1. Install social sharing buttons on pages/posts of your website.
  2. Share your content on social networks.
  3. Build a following by sharing more than just your own content.
  4. Interact with your followers.
  5. Do not forget social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon.
  6. Do not automate all your social media activity.

Does any of the above sound difficult? No, I thought not.

A recent study has shown that Twitter affects Google rankings and it is well know that Google+ is certainly having an effect on how your website can be displayed in their search results.

Vertical Leap has stated “Social media is integral to search marketing” way before I joined the team, and 2012 is the year that it finally comes to a head with content leading the way in helping your social media activities bring in those search results you want.

To simplify the last 500+ words starting with your content in the blue circle…

Once again, there is no secret to SEO, it is just a fact that times are changing and you need to move with them.

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