Where Is SEO Going In The Coming Years?

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  • People seem to think Google invented links to use to rank sites. This is ridiculous. Hyperlinks actually predate the Internet and their original and still most useful purpose is to provide additional related information.

    It amazes me how detached from reality media conditioning and our ridiculous educational systems have made people. Do not be naive. Google does NOT have your best interests at heart. Their CEO announced they plan to “clean up” the Internet by favoring big brands.

    Somehow multi-national corporations have programmed people to reject allowing small businesses to survive while they are willing to pay to be walking billboards for big brands.

    Links aren’t going to stop being used because they are how search engines can tell what pages are relevant and what is on them. Yes, they can tell the subject by the text, but they can not tell what pages are important.

    We have to get over this nonsense that there is something wrong with a small business that provides goods and services we want and need being allowed to make it easy to find their site.

    Here is a good cure for what ails the job market and economies in general: stop handing Google a monopoly and letting them kill the ability to make an independent living at will.

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