Where Are You Setting the Bar for Your SEO?

Succeeding in the world of SEO isn’t always easy as it requires a lot of attention. There are a few different (but very important) masters one has to please in order to get the best possible rankings. Search engines are right up near the top of that list, and it’s no surprise as to why.

How many people do you know that don’t use search engines?

Probably not many!

Search engines are, for most people, the gateway to the internet. Without the URL of a website, how else could we find the information that we need? What if we weren’t really even sure what we were looking for yet?

This is where search engines come in. Of course, in order to get your website to show up high enough in the results that people will actually find it, you’ve got to set the bar for your site’s SEO at just the right level in order to get the most benefit from the right balance of optimization.

Setting the Bar Too High

How can you know you’re setting the bar a bit too high? It’s pretty easy to spot: You’re trying to do it all, all the time, and make everyone happy. This is not only not possible, it’s going to drain your batteries pretty fast. I don’t know anyone who can sustain this kind of effort in the long-term, and long-term is what you need to be considering when adopting any SEO strategy if you want it to work.

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Trying to please all three major search engines isn’t going to happen, not entirely. By complying fully with the guidelines of one, you might not be completely within the guidelines of the others, and this could mean that all of the work you have put in won’t get the results you wanted.

Setting the Bar Too Low

When someone is setting the bar too low, that’s something you can see pretty easily as well. If you are only really focusing on optimizing for a single search engine, you’re not doing all that you can. Sure Google has the lion’s share of the search market in its grasp, but if you are only optimizing for Google and ignoring Yahoo and Bing, you’re missing out on the traffic those two could have given you. It’s not going to be a huge amount, but when you’re competing in the open market every little bit helps!

Setting the Bar Just Right

Only you will know what the right level of compliance with each major search engine’s guidelines is best for your website. You might find that your business does best by catering mostly to Google, but making sure a few specific things are in line with Yahoo and Bing just to be safe.

Or you might find that a lot of your traffic is actually coming from Yahoo and Bing, so you can afford to cater to their guidelines a bit more. Of course don’t obviously flaunt the guidelines of any of the major search engines, but with so many gray areas in SEO it always pays to play it safe.


Which search engine do you get most of your traffic from?

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