What the Google SEO Guide Doesn’t Tell You

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  • Good perspective, pretty tired of forum comments insisting that “all you have to do” is write great content and then by some magical process thousands of people will find your site and link to it rocketing you to the top of SERPS, total fantasy, SEO is as relevant as it has always been, people just need to stop trying to cheat the system.

  • Agree focusing on Google is the one thing that many people get caught up on. There are still loyal users of the other main websites, so not paying attention to them all is just plain ignoring almost 40% of those searching.

    • Yes I agree that there are loyal users on other search engines as some people just plain hate Google!
      I think the other SE will give Google a run for their money one day.

  • Over time a reliance on Google will lead to heartache. Read of several stories last year (2012) about people claiming they lost 99% of their business when Google hit them with a Penguin or Panda update. My reaction – while a little sad for them – was tinged with incredulity.
    Some of these businesses were 10+ years old on the ‘net and relied solely on one funnel for custom. Google.
    A funnel thay had zero control over. As a business model it’s not just flawed, it’s downright irresponsible.
    Niche forums and blogs (community). Multimedia channels and social media as well as the other search engines should all be explored actively from day one.
    Good article. 100% in agreement with several I’ve written myself in the past.

    • I agree that we need to diversify our traffic methods so we are not relying on Google search traffic.. It is very dangerous to base a business on Google traffic. :)

  • My only concern, aside from all your outbound links, is where you say, “Short keywords do better than long keywords because they match more possible search queries.” This is not always the case. Let’s say your company sells “dog leashes”. It is not going to be beneficial for you to try ranking for “dog leashes” in the face of Walmart, Petco, and Amazon. This is where capitalizing on -longer- keywords is going to help a businesses, especially a small one. Not only are longer and long-tail keywords going to set you apart but they can be easier to rank for too.

    • You points are right and I know it is hard to rank for shorter keywords and sometimes it is not needed, but wow, if you can rank!!! If you are lucky enough to get a short word while still being relevant it is a fountain of traffic… It is like hitting a jackpot.

  • I guess, we can only sum up this case about SEO in one sentence: There are just NO shortcuts.. You may get away with shady techniques today, but you can pay a higher price tomorrow. Do you think that it’s better to combine conversion rate optimization with search engine optimization to get the best results for your website? Besides, what’s the point of getting all those traffic if they don’t really convert..

  • Great write up, Mitz, I enjoyed reading your insights. And I’m glad and surprised that you were able to mention doing contest. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that many people encourage (or mention even) running contests as a link strategy anymore. Taking into account social media and mobile strategy these days, this could really be huge for businesses.

    • Hi Matt
      I am from the old school of website promotion and I find that the most basic techniques work. Now with social media though, this amplifies the results if you can find your target market on this medium. If you can get the right people to share and care you will be laughing!

  • I totally agree with you on Google guideline misleading users. I keep monitoring some sites using black hat SEO and being on the top spots. They clearly buy links, utilize a few more black hat SEO techniques and ranking on top.

    • Hahaa you are so right.Black hat works as it worked before.I did a link profile analysis for my competitor who just jumped to first or second spot on Google.What i saw was links coming from profile and blog commenting-thats it.This website outranked all the old sites.

  • Word combinations (2-3 words) work well with Google. It is hard to get any ranking for a single word – it is too broad. The more specific I can be when I write press releases with keywords, the better.

  • not easy to run a contest.. although it’s good for link baiting but a lots of work and collaboration need to be done for the pre-launch of contest..

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