What SEO Tips Will Work in 2013?

Search engine optimisation, especially this past year has changed drastically.

Recent changes to search engine optimisation have meant that people are scrambling to adopt new best practices but what are they now?

Since both changes earlier this year the following have been tested to work wonders with SEO.

Social Media Signals for SEO

A website which deserves to be on the front page of Google is one which should be reccommended by others, it is imperative to engage your community socially and get your site creating a social buzz in it’s niche.

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Many industries don’t have a social buz,, and if you can be the first in your industry to do so then you will be light years ahead with SEO.

When i mean engage your community i specifically am referring to building up a following on social media platforms, install a blog to have peopl interact and become returning visitors, allow them to comment on the blog etc.

Get backlinks from as many types of sites as possible

  • Video distribution (youtube, vimeo)
  • Article
  • Blogs
  • Social Media {Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Web 2.0 Properties
  • Blog Comments {Please not these are relevant ones to your industry and not Spam ones)

Build up your Author Rank for SEO

Probably going to become the most important factor in terms of content SEO. Wherever possible link up your Google Plus Profile to your content in your resource box or bio, eg- rel = author tag.

Google can track your code and will monitor the social sharing of your content, and will determine based on the strength, influenc and Klout of others how important your content is in it’s category.

The time will come when search engine optimisation services will be selling Author Profiles which are highly influencial and appear to have a natural influence with SEO, Author Rank is set to become the new page rank so i suggest to all those investing in SEO, to set up a Google Plus profile and link your blog/profile and all sites you write content on with this immediately as it will become an increasingly important factor closer to 2013.

For all newbies still getting the hang of SEO check out http://www.seomoz.org/learn-seo

SEO Tips for 2013

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