What Makes a Good High Value Link? [VIDEO]

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Mike Huber answers: “What makes a good high value link?”

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Today’s question is actually a long one, but the question, in and of itself helps set up the answer. So here it goes, “What makes a good high value link? I understand that the quality of links to my site is important, however I also believe that the quality of the links is equally or possibly more important. Can you comment on this and offer some ideas to make sure that our links are of good high quality?

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You know this is a topic we could talk about all day and in order to stay focused on the question and narrow it down, there are three things you want to look at when you place links on another site. And those three things are: the trust factors of the target website, the on-page factors and the actual anchor text that you might use for your links. So when you look at trust factors you want to look at page rank. Page rank is really important and arguably not as important as it used to be, but it’s a really good metric and it’s a really good bench mark to determine the quality of the site. Additionally if you look at page authority and domain authority, those are also two really good metrics to measure the quality of the site. And lastly in terms of trust factors, age of a website has a lot to do with the quality too, as search engines give a little bit more value and weight to websites that have been around a long time.

So from there you want to look at on page factors. And on page factors, what you want to try to do is get your link as high on the page as you possibly can. Studies have shown that the higher the link, the better the juice that’s passed to your website. And the other thing in terms of on-site factors is you want to make sure the website doesn’t have too many outbound links. So if your target website has a lot of outbound links, it’s going to cut down the link juice and in fact it may just negate the link juice completely. And then finally what you want to do is consider the anchor text you use. A lot of internet marketers make the mistake of using the same anchor text or keyword phrase over and over and over. And if you do it too frequently you may end up with a penalty. So what we recommend is that you do use head terms but you also diversify your link portfolio, use some long tail terms in addition to those head terms. So you have a really nice, diverse portfolio.

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