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Top 5 SEO Projections for 2013

2012 is coming to an end and Google has been very active with the latest Panda and Penguin updates during this year. Indeed, search engine optimization is a moving target of every webmaster competing for traffic! In this article, we will discuss five projections by SEO experts around the globe.

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Review of the Recent Google Updates

Panda and Penguin updates this year took the online world by storm. Google had made the effect of penalizing website with no added value to readers. Duplicated and weak content were abolished and eradicated. Using analytics and quality metrics, Google was able to also get rid of spam blogs with overly stuffed keywords. The focus has to be articles with cornerstone content. On the rise are content (either in the form of video, text or image) thriving with uniqueness.

So if you’re a blogger, promoter of any online content or anything of this sort, you should abide by this mandate.

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What might Google come up with in 2013? Let’s find out!

Top 5 SEO Projections

1. Google Author Rank markup will be the basis of ranking.

Google+ has launched the rel=”author” markup which enables you as an author to link up all the articles you published. When this snippet of code is added to your blog and your content, your headshot in your Google+ profile will appear beside the search results. Empowering author rank, this thus makes your authority more known to the public.

Jon Payne, President and Founder of Ephricon Web Marketing, explains further that Google begins to look at trusted links coming from the same author source. The forecast is that instead of Page Rank, Author Rank will matter more to search engines in the last two quarters of 2013. So as early as now, you must claim authorship of all your content in the web with this Google author rank markup.

2. Guest posting will be devalued by Google.

Guest posting works by publishing posts in other blogs and capturing audience in the same niche to get them connected to your own. In essence, this allows you to expand your followers and fan base. But earlier this year, Penguin and Panda came to effect. They changed the original paradigm by configuring the algorithmic weights of guest posts.

There are various spam guest posts created on the web. Hence, Google is now not so much in favor of guest posting, as it sees these “post exchanges” only as a manipulator or search engine results. On the other hand, if you have been solely submitting posts with good quality, then you should not be affected negatively by any Google updates for the years to come.

Be careful linking guest posts with bad neighborhood. If your post involves duplicate content and cloaked content such as stuffed and unrelated keywords, you’ll also be in deep trouble.

3. Social signals will highly affect the SERPs.

As there is now so much traffic booming in social media, Google may have to get good use of these channels to position content in search engine. Closer to home is its very own: Google+. The Google Plus system can potentially bring much weight in determining whether or not the page or content has been helpful to readers. Posts with more social sharing points (+1’s) will be given a greater deal in SEO.

However, there are also rampant manipulations of shares. Case in point is Facebook likes and recommendations. Another is Twitter likes and favorites. Services are available in the Internet wherein these social shares can be bought with money to gain credits in turn. Google has to figure out a way to track these incidents for social signals to reign as appropriately.

Top 5 SEO Projections for 2013 image Social Media 300x2224. Highly increasing personalized search results will be recognized.

Google works to provide relevant search results to users. What better way to cater this service than producing personalized search results? Google identifies the user’s location and search engine activities. For instance, location-based search results from Google will prioritize pages from your country to top in the results page. You will see a different set of posts coming out of the first page when you change your location setting in Google.

Problem is that optimizing your meta tags and description with keywords relevant to your business may do good only locally. (By default, Google learns your location by your IP address.) If you are targeting clients who belong to other locations in the world, businesses in these countries might just defeat your rank in SEO quite easily.

5. Technical parameters such as page titles and descriptions will have greater bearing in SEO.

CEO of CompeteLeap, Ryan Draving, says that spinning articles with poor grammar will not be counted by Google as a hit. Obtusely written titles and descriptions of pages and posts will also be useless. Google hunts those websites solely created to advertise brands without engagement with users. Draving adds that Google expects to see your legitimate brand or company name attached in the majority of your inbound blog links.


Many of these predictions are based on the natural progressions of Google updates as seen in the recent months. Keeping up with Google changes in SEO algorithms is challenging. But now that you’re more guided, you can think ahead and practice your SEO with a futuristic mindset. Analyze them and carry on with the best practices. Good luck!

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  1. Diego says:

    This is good information, thanks. I wonder if it will be possible to rank a site with a popular keyword without any social signals in the future.

    • Hi Diego,

      Thanks for your comment. I think there has to be social signals to that website especially that it is a popular keyword.

      Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Diego. I ask the same questions. Often I find myself working with a client that is in an industry that is not suited for social media. Like a Mining Equipment Company for example.

  2. I would add one more thing to the list as mentioned by SEOmoz’s Rand Fiskin – saying that will see a big jump in author co-citation.

    This is the definition for co-citation: The simultaneous linking to each of a group of webpages from each of another group of webpages, even though the members of the group do not link to each other; used by some search engines to establish a connection between related pages.

  3. Asif Khan says:

    Great article. I concur that this is the direction Goolge is taking. Out with the old in with the new. Roll on 2013.

  4. Alex says:

    Totally agree with these points. Authorship will be a huge factor, as it’s difficult to fake being a highly reputable author. It’s one thing to have your name on a bunch of blogs that few people visit, but having your name on high traffic, authoritative content sites is something else entirely, from a credibility standpoint.

  5. Lewi says:

    Hi Celina, thank you for a very informative article! I’m actually going to print this one out and keep it in plain sight so I don’t forget these gems of advice and information. Have a great holiday season, and keep up the great work with the razor sharp and highly relevant content!

    Lewi Glenis – Director
    ParallaxMind™ Members Monthly

  6. Thanks for the detailed article on Top 5 SEO Projections for 2013.It’s made me rethink my SEO choices this past year. I think I will restart some of those good SEO habits I used to do. Good article.

  7. Sam says:

    Social signals are not really going to affect Google results unless Google has enough data of their own. Even though Google+ boasts of huge number of members, no one is really active over there as compared to Facebook. None of my friends use G+ leave alone +1 websites whereas on Facebook they are liking stuff all the time.

  8. Laura says:

    Intuitively your points all seem right on the moving target. Great top-of-mind tips to keep in mind going forward into the online marketing world of 2013!

  9. I am loving it. I have been slaving away at articles, content and quality for some time now. I have never believed in the automated process, such as article spinners, facebook likes and bought links. That all shows up to your user. They know quality when they see it. I think, overall, Google is actually doing something productive here. I guess we’ll see in the searches.
    Thanks for the info. It reaffirms what I am trying to do.

  10. Martin says:

    I certainly hope Google can get this all worked out. From what I am seeing in my own personal use of Google is seemingly less relevant results over the last year rather than more relevant. It is becoming annoying having to rephrase my search questions to try and find the info I was looking for.

  11. Girish says:

    What do you think about impact of high PR backlinks , will it still continue to be the super power ? I really doubt about guest posts , but everything else seems to be logical for me .

  12. I can’t thank you guys enough!

    This article made it to the 5 Best Marketing Articles list.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  13. So, SEO in 2013 are more on local optimization, rather than global keyword optimization. Well, Google+ authorship is really a big factor in Google search results pages..

  14. Mike says:

    Thanks for this post.

    I have recently started using all the functionality of snippets including authorship. They look great in the search results.

    Google+ has still got a long way to go, hardly anyone I know has an account and those that do very rarely log in or pay any attention to setting up and optimising their accounts.

    It does surprise me how little interest people/businesses have with Google+. Of course Google are going to encourage more interaction with Google+ and I’m certain it will pay for those using it.

    At the end of the day this is great for the people that do pay attention and use it to it’s fullest :)

  15. Elaine George says:

    I have a question about point #4 from your article re: Google country/ IP address etc.
    My question is:
    Does this mean that Google will only return results near the city I reside in?
    I hope to reach the country’s market not just my local neighborhood of my city.
    Your comments are appreciated.

  16. Tim Capper says:

    Great article but i had to have a little giggle when i checked the pages snippets and you have not attached authorship …. lol, waiting till 2013 then ?

  17. Glad I came across your article. I am new to article writing and found all your points very helpful. In particular I was not aware of the importance of authorship and will start linking together. Thanks for all the great tips!

  18. You write – When this snippet of code is added to your blog and your content, your headshot in your Google+ profile will appear beside the search results.

    How do you access this snippet of code and what is it?

  19. Great info for all.
    SEO is certainly a moving target it seems but this helps.

  20. raheel says:

    Thanks for this info. This article helps me in SEO

  21. Maher Adil says:

    Great article helps alot in SEO…

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