Top 5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Invest In SEO Services

If you’re in the business world in any way, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. You may even know exactly how to use SEO. What you may be lacking, though, is the understanding of just how much SEO can truly help your small business. The main purpose of SEO is to help consumers find your business, hopefully turning those first hits into bonafide paying customers. Plus, SEO fits the small budget of many small business owners and entrepreneurs.

1. Accessible Web Pages
SEO makes sure that your website and web pages are accessible by both search engines and current customers. Search engines and consumers can find your website thanks to a strong link building method. Also, if there are problems with your website that would otherwise prevent people from finding it, SEO ensures that they’ll still come across your site when searching for specific keywords. SEO is to your web pages what directions are for your physical business. You need people to get there.

2. Targeting a Local Audience
Even if you’re an Internet company, you’ll still want to target your local audience. Some of your biggest supporters and regular customers will be from your own area. SEO keywords are often location-specific because that’s what many people search for when looking for a business online. It’s much more common to search for, “Florists in Fort Lauderdale” than it is to troll through a phone book.

3. High Quality Consumers
SEO attracts high quality consumers who are specifically looking for exactly what your business has to offer. Since consumers are typing into search engines what they’re looking for and your web pages are being returned in the results, you know that consumers are actually searching for your type of business instead of blindly clicking random links. This will improve your conversion rate, turning web page visitors into actual paying customers.

4. Inexpensive Marketing
SEO is pretty much free, unless you’re going to pay an SEO expert to write content for you. If you know enough about SEO and you have the time, though, it’s not the most difficult thing to institute on your web pages yourself. For many small business owners, especially those just starting out, budgets are small. While marketing is an integral part of any business, some people just don’t have a ton of money to contribute to their marketing plan. SEO can be free or at least extremely cheap, thanks to all of the free SEO tools online.

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5. Local Appeal

If being able to appeal to local consumers is a huge perk of SEO, so is being able to reach a global audience. If you have services that can span the globe, than people in every single country should know about your business. Without SEO, many people outside of your home town or circle of friends wouldn’t even know your business existed. Small businesses that are conducted primarily online shouldn’t be limited by a certain town, state or even country.

Kyle Sanders is a small business expert and head of search at Complete Web Resources – a small business seo services firm with offices in Austin and Denver.

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