Top 5 Free Website Audit Tools For Agencies

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  • Susan Krupman says:

    Can you please do an article like this, but for a social media audit? Pretty please? :)

  • Superb article very CNET-style insofar as a concise breakdown of the five providers. Thank you for the informative article! Corey Weiner

  • Dawn CG says:

    Thank you for a brief-but-thorough listing of free tools. This kind of information is always wonderful to have at your fingertips when you are marketing for a small business.

  • Sam Korn says:

    This article was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Now off to check each of the services to see which one is best for our use.

  • Afsar Pervez says:

    Thank you Scott for sharing your review. I would like to test 3 of them. Let see what is really good for me.

  • Harry says:

    It’s worth checking out Meta Forensics too, which is a full site auditor.

  • Linda says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this article, it is a great help to my website – so thanks again!

  • Mike says:

    these aren’t free, Title very misleading, used as click bait for affiliates. Comments are also not accurate.

  • Tom Bates says:

    ok, so over the last few years, my team and I have used each of these products and may many others. The biggest issue they have is they are all pulling old data from data farms, and NOT reflecting the transparency of work provided or results in accurate time. THeir systems are NOT all cloud based, and offer almost no support, then there is a charge. A charge for what??

    What if you had a fully responsive cloud based SEO platform with no download that was cloud based, provided real time data with clear and obvious work being performed on a regular basis, reports auto generated and emailed to each project client,? add unlimited projects, team members, notations that are time and date stamped, completely white label reporting available, and pulls REAL TIME DATA from all data centers. And to keep the old school seos happy, We added in the API feature for Googles out dated tools…

    There is only ONE system available with all this and more: go check out , call or email me and I will give you a lifetime FREE account if you let do all the seo work for you : all white hat, and done here in Texas…. SCOTT, if you would like to take a look at, I will make this FRIENDLY Challenge to you….. You contact me directly, let me take you for a spin in the system, and if is NOT the best system you have ever seen , I will pay you 1000.00 USD before we get off the phone~!!!! Tom Bates

  • O. T. Chhuong says:

    Nice article! By the way, WooRank has implemented or enabled features that you had marked as “No”.

    For example, “Comparison audits: No” and PDF download among others have been enabled for users.

    Please update this article. Thanks!

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