Thoughts on the New “Improved Phrase and Exact Match”

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  • Completely agree with you here Joel… as soon as we see the Google mutter “improved” we need to be worried. Does it seem like they are turning exact and phrase match into broad match modifier or is it just me? The goods news is that it is possible to opt out .. phew!! The frustrating thing is that it is opt out… so we have to go through the laborious task of doing that.. any way, here’s out take on it



  • Hi Mark
    Just read your piece – good coverage and glad to see that someone else read between the lines.
    My gut feel is that Google have noticed a long term move away form broad match and additionally have noticed that they are not getting enough cash form the long tail misspellings so came up with this ingenious (from their perspective) solution. For any dedicated PPC marketers it is a pain in the arse.

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