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Greetings from the Product Manager here at Slingshot SEO! I came to Slingshot SEO through my love of software design, not because I was an SEO whiz (I’m not). Since I work on a product that’s used by people who are SEO geniuses and need tools that operate on their level, I’ve had to learn as much as I can about an industry I work with second-hand.

The largest breakthrough I’ve had in this respect was from the help of Client Success Managers here at Slingshot. I don’t have time to spend hours everyday studying up on SEO, but I do have 5-15 minute breaks scattered around my day which are great for checking Twitter and reading one or two blog posts. When you follow the right people, brushing up on your SEO can be pretty easy to incorporate into your regular day. If you’re an SEO expert, you’ll probably laugh at this list — and you should. But if you’re a PM, an accountant or any other non-SEO person at a SEO company, I think you’ll appreciate it.

My picks, whittled down from the original list:

SEOmoz – Sharing the easiest to understand and often highly entertaining information about hot topics in the SEO space.

Matt Cutts

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Matt Cutts – Info right from the source. Timely updates on what’s new with Google. Not an overwhelming amount of personal info (nothing makes me feel more like a creeper than learning lots of personal details on someone I don’t actually know).

Slingshot SEO – This might seem like a shameless plug but I happen to work for a company with lots of smart people writing lots of interesting content about SEO and inbound marketing. It would be an utter waste for me to not learn from my co-workers. And you should too, because they rock.

SEO Chicks – As a girl who grew up in male-dominated math and science classes in high school, engineering classes in college and software development/anything tech/internet related in real life, I applaud the women who are out there kicking ass and taking names.

So, fellow SEO newbies, I hope that’s helpful. Who would you add to this list? Leave a comment and let me know.

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