The Biggest Lies About SEO and Content Marketing Ever

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  • There certainly aren’t any easy answers anymore when it comes to keyword engineering. Still if you can get creative about how to build partial match backlinks, deliver quality content to high value search segments, and focus on things you can’t fake you’ll to continue to increase the quality inbound traffic to your website – which is the whole point after all.

  • Hey Michael, thanks for sharing your experiences! Completely agree…that is the point. Quality original content is the key… but it still leaves the person trying to earn a living by their blog or trying to attract more relevant traffic to their website with the question of how to avoid toiling in obscurity. We’ve all created what we know is an epic piece of original content only to have it go unnoticed. There’s a lot of noise online and I hate to think that pay-for-position is the only way to get noticed… so I’m constantly looking for ways to help my clients differentiate and promote their valuable content, especially when they’re just getting started.

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