Social Media Meets SEO In 2014

Social Media meets SEOIt appears from the way things are headed that SEO is coming back. Coming back in the form of social media. Companies like Google and Facebook would like to see organic search go away and everything go to pay-per-click advertising. Little by little, organic search is getting squeezed out.

I have used pay-per-click advertising in the past and found it somewhat effective, but it comes at such a high price and the model of paying more and more money to get a better slot on the first page of Google or more impressions on Facebook is not a sustainable model and frankly is a bit of a waste of money.

Why not focus more on content to better reach your potential client market. In 2013, content marketing came back strong. Many companies came back to blogs and there were some great information being shared on social media sites. Then a couple of months ago, Google Hummingbird was released and marketers woke up to the realization that search marketing had changed in a big way. Searches were now going conversational and companies have been trying to find ways to keep marketing online using an “organic” emphasis and trying not to move towards a a pay-per-click emphasis.

Now, it appears social media and seo are coming together. I call it, “Smart Marketing Optimization”. We cannot ignore social media any longer, but we need to use it smarter. In addition, seo is not going away either, (even though some people would have you believe that). It’s all about changing with the new rules.

Smart Marketing Optimization is all about finding ways to get our message out to the masses and making sure people can find us. Believe it or not, some new clients mentioned that they found my company using the yellow pages. Now, I believe the trend is definitely going away from this, but the fact is that people are finding your company in a variety of ways. Most people would have you believe social media is the answer. My feeling is that it is a part of the solution, but I would not stop going to trade shows or sending out direct mail pieces. All of these items are critical to creating a powerful brand.

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The focus needs to be on interacting with your clients and finding ways to keep in touch with them. I do believe brevity and quality are part of the equation. All of us need to work at improving our marketing messages and making them stick with our clients. We are being overloaded with data everyday. Our children are interacting with data at a rate not seen.

What are people remembering about your company? What messages are resonating? Are images, video and voice replacing traditional type, pen and paper. Can all types of media be used if the message is a powerful one? How do we incorporate mobile apps into this process?

Are we moving toward metrics that measure “true connections” and “type of connections” versus shear count numbers and hits? I believe analytics are getting more personal and social as a result.

These are interesting times and companies need to find ways to go deeper and look at the idea of Smart Marketing Optimization in a whole new way. This is how I am looking at the whole marketing dynamic and it is helping me see things in a whole new perspective.

More to come in 2014!

What are your thoughts? | Hopefully, you are looking at things a bit differently these days.

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  • Frank says:

    Social media is taking over organic search for sure. This is evident from the number of people that are influenced by anything advertised on social media. From my opinion most companies pay more attention and money to social media than organic search. read more on

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