SMEs Need to Prepare for Google Author Rank and Appreciate How it Can Improve their SEO Strategy in 2013

Business owners constantly have to adapt their SEO strategies as Google are continuously updating their algorithms, most notorious being Panda and Penguin. Nevertheless SMEs are going to have to prepare for even more changes with the introduction of Google Author Rank.

What is Author Rank?

Google Author Rank is the measurement of authority of the people who write content on the web such as blogs and articles. Therefore search engines are not going to be just ranking websites on domain name and authority but also on the reputation of the person who writes the content.

How does it work?

Author Rank differs from traditional SEO as it depends heavily on social media.  Firstly an author needs to create a profile on Google+. This profile will be linked to the content they write by using a code provided by Google. This code has to be included in the content so that it links back to the authors Google+ profile.

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Like Page Rank, Google uses a number of signals to determine Author Rank. The main factors will include the popularity of the content and the engagement it receives especially Google +1s.  It is also important to note that the more an author writes on a specific subject, the higher their rank will be on that topic.

Benefits of Author Rank

The Google Author Rank results are highlighted as they contain a picture of the author and their Google+ circles which takes up more of that valuable search engine real estate. In addition to the results being more visible, it also gives more exposure to the other content written by the author as the user has the option to visit the authors Google+ profile.

Where to start? 

SMEs should begin working on the Author Rank strategies now so that they can gain an edge over their competitors. Add People suggest the following 3 tips to help SMEs get started:

Content is still king – SMEs should be providing high quality content that will interest their fans and followers so that that it is liked, shared and re-tweeted!

Be relevant – SMEs have to stick with what they know best and write content that is relevant their business so that the gain a high Author Rank for their industry related topics.

Learn to love Google+ – Google are putting more emphasis on it social media offering and it is playing an increasingly more important role to the world of SEO. Thus SMEs need to make sure that they are becoming more familiar with this platform and using it regularly.

SMEs will need to pay attention to Author Rank as though it will not replace the current Page Rank system, it seems it will be playing a large role in the future of ranking algorithms.

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