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Should I Remove The Date From WordPress Posts, And Does That Mean Better Clickthrough?

There’s been some discussion to support the argument that displaying the date of the post in the SERP negatively affects clickthrough rates and thus in turn many experts believe that removing the post date can in fact increase clickthrough rates.

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What Is The Reason For This?

This whole idea basically started when someone decided to coin the phrase “timeless” to describe content that is still (supposedly) applicable today as it was the day it was post it, which would then justify getting rid of the dates – kinda preposterous if you ask me.

First of all, just because you remove the date on the blog post, that don’t make it timeless. Any schmuck can do that, and yeah they might get more clicks but, that isn’t any indication that something is timeless or more engaging to the reader. Nor, in any case, grant you the ability to foresee what will still be relevant in the future.

In fact, if I REALLY want to be a purest about it, the only content that you can really say is timeless is God’s Holy Scriptures, which readership, ironically, continues to crumble.

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Will My Clickthrough Really Improve?

Now, as far as better clickthrough, ummmm that depends, for example. If I’m searching for new blogs to read on something as ever changing as a web platform like WordPress, that post you wrote back in 2008, might not be my first choice. In the other hand, if you happen to write for the New York Times, then the date is quite useful as the reader would see when the post was written. Then again, if I’m writing fiction, those dates becomes totally irrelevant.

Who’s to Benefit?

So, do I think you should remove the date on your post? In terms of SEO, is it good? Bad? Does it matter either way? In some cases, yeah absolutely. I think it’s a great idea, specially if you don’t write that frequently or, if you are using a custom WordPress website design for a regular static site. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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