SEO & Web Design Myths Debunked For 2014

seo and web design myths busted

Nearly every client of ours here at Heitz Digital, LLC have their own ideas of what it means to be online and what ‘success’ is. Along the way many hear all sorts of things that are simply not true or by trying to guess what is right end up way out in left field, so to speak.

Let’s stop the guess work and learn what is NOT true when it comes to your website or search engine optimization strategies.

MYTH: If you build it they will come
Truth: Not really. By simply building a website, no matter how optimized for search engines it is, you will need to promote it through all available channels.

MYTH: I don’t need a website
Truth: EVERY business needs a website nowadays. Even if you have nothing to sell through your website having a website for your company allows people to search and find your services at any hour of the day. Think of it as an online business card at a bare minimum.

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MYTH: SEO companies are too expensive
Truth: Many SEO companies are willing to work with the budget you have. Heitz Digital, LLC is one of those companies. We have accommodated the slimmest of budgets while still providing results. Many SEO companies have ‘cookie cutter’ seo plans or strategies, you should run away from them as fast as you can. There is no ‘secret formula’ to promote your website in search engines and likewise, your SEO strategy should be fluid and be designed for your specific company, product, service, brand and website.

MYTH: I have an SEO company so I can sit back and relax
Truth: Absolutely NOT! You have to think of your SEO company as a single part of your overall advertising strategy. You should be able to work with your SEO company to provide content and direction. Also, your online marketing strategies should compliment your other marketing and advertising strategies.

MYTH: SEO isn’t working. I can’t find my website no matter what I search for.
Truth: You don’t search like the MAJORITY of people search, in most cases. Just because you can’t find your website in search results does not mean everyone else can not either. More often than not, a single person does not search like the general populous. When an SEO company does keyword research, they are looking for, among other things, the amount of search performed for a certain word or phrase. These words or phrases almost NEVER are the same as what our clients suggest.

MYTH: I should have traffic to my website, it’s been up for a week now!
Truth: The amount of time it will take to get traffic to your website is dependant on many factors. Some of which are: competitiveness of your product or service, how much content your website has, the quality of your content, how aggressive you are marketing your website and many more. There is no cookie cutter number that you can use to determine how long it will take to get traffic to your website. In some cases we’ve had clients that got traffic after just a couple of months, others have taken well over a year. What you should see, however, is movement of your keywords in the search results. This should happen to ALL websites within 3-6 months.

MYTH: I don’t need social media for my company
Truth: It’s 2014 people, social media is not only here to stay but, is now a MUST for any company. We always suggest that your company have a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Google Plus Page and a LinkedIn Company Page. Using these 4 will get you started on the right foot. There are 2 others to consider, depending your type of business, which are Pinterest and YouTube. If you have a visual type of business like a florist, you will want to be on Pinterest. If you have a business that allows you to generate a lot of educational content, like a mechanic, make short videos and put them on YouTube. In some cases, you will want to be on all 6. Don’t rush into it. Start on one, get a feel for it then add another. If you’d like to jump start your social media presence, check out companies that offer social media management services.

I hope these truths have opened your eyes a bit. These are the most common questions we have seen over the years or have even seen published elsewhere on the internet. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or even suggest your very own myths and we’ll debunk them for you.

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