SEO vs. PPC: When Should You Invest In Each?

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  • I agree, Jayson. Both SEO and PPC are important, but each have their place. PPC can get your site traffic today, but it can get expensive. SEO is a more permanent strategy, but it will take a little time to see results. But for most new websites, you might want to do both.

  • Brittanie says:

    Touch Point has a great point, there is often a situation where both should be run. One strategy I’ve seen work is a permanent SEO strategy and a flighting PPC strategy. This way, you constantly have your SEO working and you can choose certain “high volume” months to run your PPC. Should save some money.

  • Is there really a raging debate between SEO and PPC? Who would would actually suggest “abandoning SEO” as a relevant business strategy – that would just be moronic and shows a real lack of understanding when it comes to content. SEO and PPC represent 2 different inbound marketing strategies, but they don’t work against each other. It’s not one vs. the other. This whole article premise confuses me.

  • So true Jayson about the SEO vs PPC argument, especially as it relates to e-commerce sites. As an SEO Specialist myself, I have deployed all manner of strategies to rank clients or during short in-house contracts and luckily, I have been pretty much successful.

  • Sam Isaac says:

    I would recommend that you first try PPC, make sure you can convert on that traffic & then invest in SEO. There are some industries where people looking for what you sell aren’t looking online for it. If you do SEO first, you will only find this out after 6 months of effort.

  • It also depends on what are your deadlines. For example, If I have 6 months to build up audience on the website, I will definitely go with the Adwords, AdChoice, and paid links.

    However, that doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning SEO & SMM. It’s all about how you split your resources.

  • One more question I forgot to ask.
    Jayson, what is your opinion on the multiple website traffic exchange programs? (Aside of those who sell bot traffic)

  • Great post Jayson! I think businesses have a really hard time with this.

  • Rachel says:

    PPC and SEO are both great tools to help generate more traffic to your site, but it’s important to know the difference and when each tool is most effective. Check out our blog post on PPC vs SEO: Great article!

    tw: @EdenAdvertising

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