SEO Tips: Writing Image Alt Text

Image alt text is a text alternative for an image on a web page. Search engine robots can’t “see” images, which necessitates the need for a text alternative image alt tag that they can read to understand what the picture depicts. Writing effective image alt tags is important to your search engine optimization strategy. In addition to helping the robots understand your site’s images, image alt text is helpful for text-only browser users, people using standard browsers on text-only mode, and the blind who use speech programs to read web pages. One article gave the following SEO tips for writing your image alt text.


When a site visitor pauses their cursor over an image the alt tag for that image will be displayed, so it is important to provide a good description for your site visitors and the robots. Say you are a wedding photographer based out of South Carolina, rather than simply having ‘South Carolina wedding photographer’ as your alt text, you might use some of the following tags:

Bridal party posing before the altar at the gorgeous destination wedding
• The groom poses for a quick photo at the Hilton hotel
• Live music at the beach reception of the Smith wedding in South Carolina

Your site might want to rank for the bolded words, and by these alt descriptions it is apparent you are a photographer who shoot destination weddings in South Carolina.

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Be Specific

General terms are difficult to rank for, which is why you should use long tail keywords that are more relevant to your niche and easier to rank for. These points can help you brainstorm good long tail keywords for your wedding photography site:

• Location names – Where were the shots taken?
• Adjectives – How would you describe this photo? Exquisite? Awesome? Gorgeous?
• Subject names – Who is in the photo? What types of services do you offer?

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Repeating the same keyword in all your image alt tags won’t help you rank for that keyword, it will just make your website look spammy to the robots. Don’t use the shortcut of using one tag for all your images, instead use unique tags as often as you can.

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