SEO Tips Even Your Grandmother Can Understand

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  • Great article. It was basic, however, the comparisons you choose to use were extremely helpful! Helped me to see the errors you can commit without knowing it. I am curious as to how a person using gets a better rating? I don’t seem to see allot of information about that around.

  • It’s funny but my wife asked me the same question about a month ago. After spending about 30 minutes describing what exactly I do she said that it sounds so simple that our dog can do it :).

    Now I am forwarding her your article.


  • Love the article and your writing style. You do an excellent job explaining basic SEO principles such as header tags. I have one problem though…

    Your title is, and I mean this respectfully, false. I live with my grandmother. Explaining SEO or even how to really use Google to someone over the age of 80 is, in 99.999% of cases, a futile effort. For starters, the Alzheimer’s renders every word and ounce of energy completely irrelevant (imagine that). Secondly, you’ve got to face reality. Our grandmothers don’t care about Google, they don’t care about anchor text, header tags, or keywords. They care about their TV programs, the food their doctors told them 100 times to stop eating, and the dozens of different pills they take daily.

    Now I know you were just providing an analogy so I only mean this in the best of ways. Grandmothers understand Oprah, those jewelry-catalog programs, and their past – not SEO. This is the truth.

  • ha, ha my husband thinks so too, he knows I write articles but still thinks I am just faking my busy scheds… helps a lot by simplifying what needs to be done by such 1,2,3 definitions…..I balk at projects that requires articles to be SEO optimized with Meta and H1, H2 tags…now I know which part of the articles these SEO optimization requirements are….. thanks for this very enlightening post…..looking forward to reading more posts from you……

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