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For all marketers and copywriters, the relevant topic in this media arena is SEO and it basically dominates all the conversations. The social media has brought a world of changes along with it which can be known from the fact that how one uses the internet and how it behaves. Somehow the importance for optimizing the website is increasing day by day and it is very much necessary to remain visible on the search engines.

Search engines such as Google are always cracking down the websites which are full of hypertension and unnecessary in formations or those who are just watery copies of the other websites. Google trusts those sites that provide valuable and correct information to the users.

At the domestic level, we need to appreciate their efforts because for a long period there was a kind of terror by all these loosely and poorly structured sites. The internet nowadays has become jammed or clogged with the websites which were put up with an effort to advertize or promote the services and product but they were rejects under re-used articles and poorly written contents. Nowadays things are quite different, the interest of the people is also changing. The consumers want new, accurate, and original set in the sites which are ways and functional to maneuver. These are some of the SEO tips which would help you in building a good customer friendly site:

Do Deep Linking Internally

This is a very common perception that the owner of the website needs to make a list of the highest number of the backlinks from the third-party websites as possible. This of course is highly recommended but it’s better to link these pages within one’s own site. The deeper one will link the more and more valuable and credible your contents will be. These will make a popular search engine in the eyes the customer. By doing this, your website will produce better result which was earlier opposed by the positions of the dreaded second and third page. By employing and using this linking of solid internal you can grow your reputation, and customers will be also satisfied with it. The type of impact that occurs on more authoritative websites but any other sites will also be benefitted from the internal linking. It is also good for the readers as they can be able to jump from one to another part of the website very easily though the contextual internal linking.

Role of Social Media

Social networking is the rage presently when it is about SEO, social sharing has equal value to it. The web sites of social media has also proven themselves as worthy enough for driving the wealth in high standard traffic for different reasons. Those are authority in market, their popularity and foremost the liking factor which is quite essential. It is somewhat intimidating as there are plenty of options while incorporating the above tools into the SEO strategy non-invasively and quickly.

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It is All About Making it Original Else Not Making it at All

When you want to boost the SEO of your website, there is a need of using original contents as it is no-brainer activity. Usually, anyone would think as all does that most of the people will appreciate and know the value and weight of the original contents but in reality it is of no big deal as in this industry the trend has come along of cutting, pasting, and copying from other contents. In the era of post-panda of internet, there is an obliteration of duplicate contents over original contents. For those people who are into cheaper route will have a huge edge because of this. If it is about business reputation and its management then everyone wants their sites to become valuable instead of an image of useless copy.

For the success of SEO, original content is a must. All a search engine wants to know is whether you are able to provide them with valuable content or not for the target audience of yours. In case you are sharing simply which people already know, then it is of no value unless you are providing them with new, fresh, and original contents along with interesting and authenticated matter.

+Joshua Hood is an SEO expert, co-founder of SEO Cosmo, who graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Economics in 2002. He has experience doing SEO for both small businesses as well as 3 years experience in New York City doing SEO for big businesses.

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