SEO Marketing: Measuring Return On Investment (ROI)

ROI, Return On Investment, SEO MarketingAt DBC Digital in Denver, we’ve found that solid knowledge of your Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) is essential to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO can seem daunting when so many different businesses are all competing for the same audience. Moreover, many of them are using essentially the same keyword structure in their SEO strategies.

So, how can your business stand out among so many competitors?

That depends on a variety of techniques, but one component that all successful SEO campaigns share in common is this: They track their Return On Investment (ROI). That way they can compare that data with their sales and marketing activities. As a result, they can constantly improve their results in maximizing their visibility in Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

Here are a few ways you can best achieve that visibility with your business.

Metrics Dashboard

You wouldn’t dream of driving down the interstate without a dashboard panel letting you know how fast you’re driving, how much fuel is in the tank, etc. Why do that on the internet highway? The World Wide Web is littered with websites that have been abandoned.  Perfectly good vehicles that simply weren’t maintained. You need to know what kind of traffic your presence generates. A dashboard like HubSpot offers a sophisticated analytics module for inbound marketers is well worth the investment here. There are also local consultants like DBC Digital in Denver that can offer professional analysis as well.

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Look Both Ways

Once you’ve established a measurement system, find out where your traffic is coming from. Are your readers looking for you by your company or brand name? If so, your marketing strategies are working. Did they find you via some non-branded keyword search? The latter is worth its weight in gold in regards to your SEO marketing. It’s a good indication that you’re on the right track with a high ROI.

Hard-top or Convertible?

Once you understand how a business finds your site, what happens next? Do you have a way to find out what pages your reader goes to on your site? What is the conversion rate (how often does your visitor to take the action you want them to take)? You can then adjust your site to accommodate the reasons why a reader lands there and why a reader leaves in order to keep them there longer. This knowledge is critical in improving your conversion rate.

Gas AND Electric

Many prospects may still make their initial contact with you by phone or by coming in to your location. While there are many tools available to track how these visitors came to you and where they came from, one of the easiest techniques is to simply ask them!

Once you have this information, you can add your new prospects to your other marketing tools such as email campaigns – newsletters, white papers, whatever you’re doing to stay in touch. Sales and marketing managers will love you for making their jobs easier. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that all systems are go, go, GO!

Your higher Return On Investment is dependent on your use of everything available to drive your SEO vehicle towards success. There really is a lot of competition for the same traffic patterns through SEO. It takes attentive maintenance and care to keep rolling toward success.

What do you do to keep your website moving in a positive direction? Please let us know in the Comments section below.

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