SEO Is Not A Marketing Channel

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  • I think the key here is relevance too (controversially) who cares about organic search rankings if all your customers hang out on Pinterest or Facebook. Likewise traffic in itself doesn’t matter so much if its not providing benefit for the visitor, be that good content, products etc. I Agree completely that SEO encompasses any means whereby you are connecting the customer to the company, whether it is back links, outreach, PPC, social. Use what is effective for the customer

  • Hey Mitch,

    Totally on the money here.

    Its more than a single channel, and PR has more to do with great content marketing and seo today than ever.

    Its been proven that outreach is the new king in 2015.

    We saw you linked to the SEJ article on DM ROI, it actually inspired us to write a 10,000 word beast on the subject…(We got a little too invested in it perhaps!)

    You do need to measure your roi, but you also have to understand the relevance of changes now, and what it all breaks down into.

    Look at some of the biggest companies who have grown through SEO. It wasn’t an overnight success, but they stuck with it. Its an exponential growth, and some companies see huge % increases in not only organic traffic, but referrals as a result.
    Your growing your rankings and brand positioning at the same time!

    The biggest issue we find is that most business owners either dont know how to track seo/digital marketing roi, or they simply don’t track other forms of advertising/marketing and compare it.

    When you look at some traditional budget spends and their ROI….it blows the mind how poorly they compare against digital.

    We tried to help change this in our article

    It basically teaches business owners how to track and see if digital marketing is worthwhile for them.

    It measures the current roi of their site, the potential market, the potential roi if you acquire that market and how to track and measure the results at

    (It also has handy roi calculators, video guides and step by step blueprints)

    We would love your feedback if you get the chance?

    We appreciate how busy you are!

    Thanks again Mitch for a great read


    Daniel Daines-Hutt

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