SEO: It’s Moving Fast; Keep Your Eyes on Google

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  • A website’s future will surely depend on its content and how the owner engages with his or her readers. Content is still king but it now needs a queen we call Social Media =)

    Thanks for the great content!

    • Hi Gerrid – Thanks for taking some time to comment. Using a football reference, Conent is the QB and Social Media is the line. If your social media and engagement skills are lacking, it your talented content will be wasted.

  • The game hasn’t really changed in theory only in execution. If you have always been trying to build a solid brand through best SEO practices, market leadership and customer engagement then nothings changed. In fact you are now finally being rewarded and it’s the people using manipulative tactics to game the search engines who are now paying which is how it should have been all along.

    • Hi Cameron – Couldn’t have said it better myself, and the people working the system are definitely taking a hit. These changes make for a better experience for users using search. Thanks for the comment Cameron.

  • I really got an informative writing place. Today’s world of SEO really needs latest info on daily basis if anyone want to save and keep its website on the top in search engine. We should keep an eye on the daily changes of Google algorithm. Following and acting upon the advices can save our sites. There is no way to escape from this. We should not do anything without the latest info of Google and other useful blogs. Thanks for this rare info.

    • Thanks for the question Dominic. Back in the spring of this year Hubspot came out with Search Engine market shares. Google was 85% and Bing at a distance 5.6%. Yahoo (the former king) came in at 7.6%, and good ole AOL at 1.3%. Microsoft has the money if they want to make a run and become more of force in search, but nothing yet. It will also be interesting to see if Facebook throws its hat into the ring. That might stir things up, but I’m concentrating on Google.

  • It’s a great article Steven, I agree with you that SEO is becoming more complicated. we should get ready for the every update of latest Google algorithms, instead of doing traditional SEO we must use Social media.

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