SEO: It’s Moving Fast; Keep Your Eyes on Google

The world of SEO has become a rather dynamic animal. It’s become imperative for both business and individual site owners to stay on top of a fast moving SEO environment. If you don’t, your website could quickly end up on the side of the road.

Continuous Change

Search Engine Optimization professionals need to be aware of the constantly changing rules and guidelines that are put in place by Google. Site owners and blog owners have been surprised in recent months due to Google’s strict policy of not tolerating “followed links” that distort the ranking information. You need to stay abreast of the ever changing SEO space. At least keep your eyes on key developments like: Panda, Penguin, EMD (Exact Match Domain), and the Disavow Tool. You are aware of these, right? What did penguin target again? Google generally updates their problem solving procedures (algorithms) without warning, but more recently there have been advisories. Take note.

Panda – First released in February of 2011 by Google, with the goal of lowering the rank of thin sites to allow quality sites to rise in search. There have been several updates since, and Google provided 23 attributes of a high-quality site so you’re not out in the dark.

Penguin – Penguin hit in April of 2012, and was aimed to penalize sites using black-hat techniques including: cloaking, keyword stuffing, link schemes, and duplicate content.

EMD (Exact Match Domain) – Google announced in September (2012) that low-quality EMD’s would be reduced in search results. Prior to this, having an exact domain was quite beneficial to that search irregardless if the content inside was garbage. That has change. The algo affected less than 1% of US-English queries.

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Disavow Tool – This tool was released so website owners could remove links pointing to their site which were using techniques outside of Google’s guidelines. Make sure you site is registered at Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Link Building & Keywords

Link Building is still very important to the overall SEO equation, but the Wild Wild West days have vanished. That’s a good thing, it levels the playing field. The other important way to increase your page ranking is the use of appropriate “keywords”. The key is to be natural in your writing. Going back after you completed your article and sticking a word or phrase in ten different places will be of no value moving forward. Excess keyword insertion may have worked before, but now appropriate and relevant keywords are required. Your post is not a Turkey, stop stuffing keywords.

Choosing an SEO Company

Due to the constant change in search engine optimization in ingenious ways, new updates can cause complications. As a business, you can’t afford to take these hits. Stay away away from link schemes. You need to choose a reputed company that has an established track record to manage your SEO. This will ensure that your company will not face problems when other companies are struggling to regain their Google page ranking. A good SEO company can offer good advice on the number and frequency of links and keywords. If you’re on a tight budget, or have no budget, you should be able to keep pace by following the 3 sites below.

SEOmoz – One of the leading SEO sites out there with a fantastic blog that always provides valuable content. A must for anyone that wants to keep with pace with fast moving SEO world.

Matt Cutts – Matt is head of Google’s Webspam team. Matt provides key information on Google/SEO and has posted 542 articles on the topic. Be sure to follow him on Google + as well for further insight.

Search Engine Land – Led by Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land provides news, insight, and best practices for SEO, SEM, and Social Media.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing Optimization

It even has its own acronym (SSO). Whether you’re a SMB or individual, you have to put yourself out there on the social network train. You need to pickup your activity and engagement levels on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the larger social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon. You need to dive into Google Plus head first. Google is hitting you over the head to use their social network. You need to listen. A shift is in progress, and traditional SEO could be headed to hospice sooner than you think.

The Future of SEO

Good search engine optimizers know that the SEO landscape is rapidly changing and is not the same as in previous years. Campaign planning must take into consideration the current realities when launching a new product or service. For successful campaigns, a multi pronged approach is required. This would ensure that the website does not incur penalties or lose visitor traffic .Today most customers like to control the decisions because they are aware of and more critical of marketing techniques.

Now customers need the best options. With customers exercising such control, businesses now have to adopt effective SEO strategies. This requires producing a steady stream of content that appropriately addresses the needs of the customers.

Create solid content and get it in front of your audience using social. Keep building relationships, and don’t stop. The shares, likes, and comments will follow leading to better search results of your content.

Goodbye November. Hello December. Make it a Great Month…

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  • Scott says:

    Really enjoyed your post. Your comments were spot on.

  • A website’s future will surely depend on its content and how the owner engages with his or her readers. Content is still king but it now needs a queen we call Social Media =)

    Thanks for the great content!

    • Hi Gerrid – Thanks for taking some time to comment. Using a football reference, Conent is the QB and Social Media is the line. If your social media and engagement skills are lacking, it your talented content will be wasted.

  • The game hasn’t really changed in theory only in execution. If you have always been trying to build a solid brand through best SEO practices, market leadership and customer engagement then nothings changed. In fact you are now finally being rewarded and it’s the people using manipulative tactics to game the search engines who are now paying which is how it should have been all along.

    • Hi Cameron – Couldn’t have said it better myself, and the people working the system are definitely taking a hit. These changes make for a better experience for users using search. Thanks for the comment Cameron.

  • I really got an informative writing place. Today’s world of SEO really needs latest info on daily basis if anyone want to save and keep its website on the top in search engine. We should keep an eye on the daily changes of Google algorithm. Following and acting upon the advices can save our sites. There is no way to escape from this. We should not do anything without the latest info of Google and other useful blogs. Thanks for this rare info.

  • Really good article. I am interested in also knowing where Bing is in all this or shouldn’t I worry about that?!

    • Thanks for the question Dominic. Back in the spring of this year Hubspot came out with Search Engine market shares. Google was 85% and Bing at a distance 5.6%. Yahoo (the former king) came in at 7.6%, and good ole AOL at 1.3%. Microsoft has the money if they want to make a run and become more of force in search, but nothing yet. It will also be interesting to see if Facebook throws its hat into the ring. That might stir things up, but I’m concentrating on Google.

  • Mahendra says:

    It’s a great article Steven, I agree with you that SEO is becoming more complicated. we should get ready for the every update of latest Google algorithms, instead of doing traditional SEO we must use Social media.

  • Not just social media, Mahendra. You just need to make sure that any SEO you do is clean and whitehat, that’s all. Don’t cross the line and you’ll be fine.

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