SEO is Dead; Long Live SEO!

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  • Bruce Kendall says:

    The best SEO is organic. You build it from the roots up and it will stay healthy. This takes time but it is the best way. Maybe I have coined a phrase “Organic SEO”, JC What do you think?

  • zakary says:

    Excellent. Thank You. God, i don’t want this to sound like a spammy comment, but what else is there to say? There are tons of people just ruining a lot of good, well intentioned small business folk with garbage links, and little to no idea they are about to be ruined.

    The only thing i would add is that a lot of folks have no idea about SEO one way or another except that they need it. Get burned and then don’t know where to look.

    • It is a real shame, even though my company gets a lot of business fixing SEO gone wild from other folks. I believe that everyone should learn some SEO basics if they are going to be online. This is also a service we offer. Some SEO’s would like you to think their work is akin to rocket science, but its not. You may not be expert, but you might at the very least avoid the mistakes that many businesses make.

  • Garth Frizzell says:

    How long do you expect it to be before the new, more complex system is understood enough to be gamed?

    • Garth, I think it will be quite sometime before Penguin and Panda are hacked. The goals with both, are that search results become a true measure of the strength of a business through ACTUAL reputation, and ACTUAL popularity. Not the kind of popularity you can buy from a link-farm.

  • JP says:

    All praise the penguin and panda, long time coming!
    Its just a shame for all the customers that were duped by these Black Hats.. Long live SEO

    • I agree with you. Unscrupulous SEO hurts all that work in the industry. I really wish Google would create a certification program……..I think I see an article idea.

  • cory J says:

    I got confused with the title but after reading through your article is enlightening. I think that the Panda and Penguin updates is saying that Google is here to stay and that nobody should mess with them. I think that those “SEO experts” learned their lessons and that they should learn a thing or two from these two animals. I think that as real SEO experts, we should focus now on having quality articles and back links.

  • Peter Rota says:

    This article made me jump out of my site J.C. I was so happy! I agree with you so, much that people were trying to game the system. Those that said SEO are dead are just scrappy SEOS that would much rather spin articles and buy links of fiveer than actualy expended effort. Thanks once again for your insightful article.

  • Jacob King says:

    Good Kendell! We love joking about “never building links” and waiting for search engines to “find” your content, it gives me a lot of laughs.

    Another funny one, SEO is dead. I am totally fine with people starting to think that.

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