SEO: 5 Simple Steps for Choosing Effective Keywords

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  • Even using the long tail search terms can be challenging, there is so much competition out there. Before I write any content for my blog, which is one way I increase traffic to my website, I check to see how much competition there is for the keyword phrase I’m considering. I use the keyword difficulty tool at I only want to optimize for keywords I can get to the first page of Google. I keep researching until I find a good keyword.

    The keyword difficulty tool shows me the top ten ranked websites for the keyword I want. It also shows me how many people link to their domains, how many people link to their page about the keyword, it also shows me their domain authority and page authority.

  • I’m new to SEO. Trying to understand how to work in this field and I was looking for the last week for something clear and simple. Brett’s article above gave me the right approach. It is clear, understandable, and I’m going to try and follow his path. Let’s see how it works.
    The question is how can I see what works and what does not. Can you help?



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