Search Engine Optimization Tips for Google Places, Yelp and Other Popular Location Pages

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  • One other thing to add about optimising your image for local SEO is to geo tag them. You can then add the business location they are relevant too which will help your Google Places (Google+ Local) listing to rank even higher.

  • Lead/Sales generation would be the primary set goal for the citation efforts we do for our business. Through local SEO, you’d be able to expand your opportunity for bigger ROI, especially because we’re in the digital era where everybody’s on their mobiles and tablets. Excellent tips, Ross, I enjoyed your article. Thank you.

  • Not only are the sites that you listed good for your SEO but there is typically all kinds of local sites that will help you with not only your SEO goals, but help create traffic and visits to your business. the above sites are great, but the money that you can spend with them usually does not equal what you will get in return, your more local dedicated sites usually have a pretty tight following and will help you more in the long run.

    • Thanks Matt! Yeah these cell phones and tablets totally change how people go out and figure out what to do, any physical, customer-based business has got to be on top of it to make sure they get found.

  • It is smart to check out the business name, address and telephone number across the web. Ours was wrong in a few instances so we resolved and are ranking higher as a cleaning service in Plano, TX. Sharing this info is very useful.

  • People want to know how your solutions solve their problems.

    When appropriate provide an explanation of the problems that your services, solutions, or products solve.
    Be aware of what your customers need and tailor your message to meet that need.
    An optimized Google Places page is a marketing tactic that does not take a lot of effort but can have a very large impact on your searchability. As with any online marketing strategy it is important that you present factual and consistent information for your customers or clients. If you are ready to get started or make some change to your existing profile be sure to visit Google’s Getting Started page which will help you through the process. Do you have an idea of how many of your customers have found you on Google Places? If so have you encouraged them to interact with your page and share feedback?

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