Penguin Update Blues: Recover from Being Over Optimized (Personally)

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  • The Penguin Update had me consumed for a 36 hour period. Then I had a basketball league game, played in it and as I was walking back to my house it dawned on me that I hadn’t thought about the freaking Penguin update in two hours! That felt good.

    • That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Gotta find that something that gets your mind off of work because with SEO, it’s very easy to stay consumed like you said.

  • This is so true. SEO is changing very quick and the more it changes the more you keep on doing. Im doing a lot for SEO. And Im always hurry to keep up with all the new social media tips and trics. I hardly can`t stop thinking about it. Its almost an addiction. I should also look for an activity that make me forget everything for a while. Great article!

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