Optimize SEO for Bing – New Guidelines

Bing has released webmaster guidelines so that website owners can know how to best optimize their sites for searches performed on Bing. This information is geared toward businesses wanting to learn how to make their website more effective and reachable by Bing users. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key element to any online marketing campaign. SEO helps a site to be found quickly during an online search.

You can build an informative website, full of useful information and items to sell but if no one finds you, the site won’t generate sales. Online marketing and SEO can make the difference between a site that performs at mediocre levels and one that produces ROI.

Here are tips from the Bing webmaster guidelines to improve your site for SEO:

  • Content: Bing is looking for “clear, deep and easy to read” content. Sites that are “thin” on content (not enough, limited information, teasers only) will not do well.  Likewise sites that are mostly ads will do poorly, as will sites that mostly direct away from themselves. Content has always been a key driver in SEO because it goes to the core of why a search engine is in place – provide information for people performing search. If your site doesn’t have in depth information it will not be useful and therefore not rank well in a search.  Remember that content that expires due to relevance, for example “upcoming election” is time sensitive, needs to be replaced and/or updated.
  • Links: Bing looks for links between websites as a “vote of confidence”. If a website references your company and puts a link to your website that shows the site trust your content and/or product. As with Google, Bing is looking for links that appear naturally so link schemes can hurt you.
  • Social Media:  Social signals have become increasingly important in the world of SEO because they demonstrate the amount of influence and reach your site has. For example if you write an article on “How to Fix Your Roof” and it is shared via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – that information has clear value to the reader. Bing views this as your site being influential and it helps increase your ranking.
  • Indexation: Your site should be indexed in order to make it easier for Bing to find you. In order to get indexed you can use Bing tools: Submit URL and Sitemap Upload.  Bing has a lot of tools you can use to make sure that your site can be easily indexed.
  • Page Load Time: The amount of time it takes for a user to load your site is important to having a good experience. If you have graphics that are slowing down your site consider how to reformat them for a quicker load time. You should also consider converting your traditional website to a mobile friendly version so it easily works on smart phones.
  • SEO: Keep your tags, whether the title or meta tags clear and relevant. Make sure your site has good crawlability so information naturally flows from page to page.  Keep your site maps up to date.

You can read more about the technical aspects of Bings guidelines and speak with your web designer to make sure they are incorporated into your site.  The key is to make sure that viewers have an enjoyable experience on your site. Content, load time, social media and natural links all play a role in ensuring people actually benefit from being on your site. If you approach your activities from the prospective of an enjoyable user experience you will be on the right track to meeting the Bing guidelines.

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  • Ryan says:

    Thanks for the tips, to many times, people only worry about Google and tend to forget that their are other search engines out there that can also provide them traffic.

  • Donald Quinn says:

    Absolutely with Bing gaining traction sites should be SEO friendly for both.

  • Annetta Powell says:

    For me Big is one of the best traffic source. Although it is pretty difficult to get ranked…once you are in you get some good flow of traffic.

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