New Multiple Position Issue In Google

For some months recently Google has had issues with showing multiple results from the same website, this reach epidemic levels early in January with some search result pages showing all ten listings from the same website.

Google seemed to make moves to try and blend the results better and there has been some success albeit being somewhat sporadic depending on the search type and the web facility showing up. However this morning I noticed something for the first time ever. I have never seen this in all the years I have been following and researching in Google (since late 1990’s).

Today at our High Position HQ I started to see repeated listings in Google results for the same website but showing the same root URL rather than just multiple internal pages. So to make myself clear I searched for the term – whey protein and found at least 4 different websites all with second, third and fourth listings from the same data centre for their actual root domain name.

The first screenshot series shows is four images showing a whey protein supplier in four different places for their URL from the same search query – whey protein -

First position for this website is position 10 -

Google Position 10

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Now we have the same site at position 199! -

Google position 199
Next shot taken after paging through to 24 shows the same website in position 245 -

position 245 in Google
The very next page we find the same website at position 256 in the same Google search results -

Positions in Google

This process was repeated and it was found that whilst positions shuffled the same site was always seen in 3 or 4 different locations in the search results.

For clarity the search is performed and the research starts at page one and the standard pagination menu is used to go to page two, then three and so on. A number of other sites were shown to have repetitive listings sometimes 2 or three and occasionally four.

Factor into this there are also multiple entries for the same websites that show internal pages then the integrity of these search results from Google has to be drawn into question.

The searches were carried out using the Firefox browser and the data centre serving up the results was recorded as each page was visited and this remained constant.

These results for the images above came from a Google data centre with IP –

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  • Rachel Davidson-Foster says:

    Interesting read – could Google be resorting to duplicating listings many times over because the number of websites on the internet is dropping (LOL!). On a more serious note – this is a very dangerous precedent being set by Google surely? Its at the core of its “why” – relevancy.

  • steve says:

    we have seen this on so many different searches and thought that Google were supposed to have sorted this issue! Well done for detailing things Shaun!

  • I have been noticing some weird results lately, too. If G has been cracking down on duplicate content publishers, why aren’t they playing by their own rules. “Do as I say not as I do”!

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