Negative SEO – Are You Are A Victim

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  • Negative SEO is certainly a big problem for many website owners. Your article coincides with the recent hype around payday loans sites using underhand tactics to boost their own traffic. Whilst this isn’t negative SEO as such, it’s yet another method of malicious webmasters using dodgy tactics for their own benefit. Unfortunately the payday loans saga in this instance often causes spikes in link activity and insertion of rogue/malicious links, inevitably leading to drops in organic search visibility; hence it’s closely related to a form of negative SEO.

    Both negative SEO and hacking related issues are ones which Google need to address to avoid unwilling comprising websites of innocent business. How they will achieve it though remains to be seen…

  • My client has been affected by negative SEO recently too. It took a lot of time to figure out what’s going on. Especially to use the disavow tool ( saved some hours). Still, no effect and Google doesn’t seem to care. Negative SEO actually makes some desperate site owners to buy Adwords ads.

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