Multilingual Marketing: Marketing In A Global World

Today, our digital world brings people from around the world closer everyday. With this closeness, people from different cultures and languages are interacting with content and information they gather from search engines — whether these search engines are at home or abroad. If companies want to strengthen their international reach, optimizing their business sites for multilingual marketing is a top priority. Especially in building a strong, organic relationship with the host country they’re looking to infiltrate.

Major countries from the United States to Russia, China, the United Kingdom and beyond, are using Google, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines (especially social media) in their valiant quest for more information. This quest to optimize sites on a multilingual platform is an intimidating challenge, and there are 3 imperative steps to take to create a successful campaign:

Use Local Top-Level Domains (TLDS)

Your site may ultimately rank better using local TLDs, as opposed to the typical “.com.” For example, “” may be perceived as more trusted to native Australian researches than the standard “.com” address

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Host the Domain on Localized IP Addresses

A domain hosted on a localized IP address (such as “.au” on an Australian Web server IP address for example) will assure all users and search engines that your site is indeed from that specific region.

Speak Their Language

Use the correct language, including proper intricacies unique to the manner of speaking in the area where you’re expanding.

These steps above are necessary to improving international SEO practices, and these steps below are other ways to increase international Internet relations.

Facebook is the main social network in 126 of the 137 countries analyzed by Alexa and Google Trends, and the second spot is in constant contention between LinkedIn, Twitter and Badoo. But, local social sites are leaving their mark, and are not to be ignored. Qzone in China has 560 million users, and Odnoklassnik in Russia is their top social hub. Learning how to interact correctly and build links on these local social sites will also help your business carve out a place for itself.

Make sure that you understand local audiences and their buzz worthy topics. Something that is interesting to Americans, may not be the same when your looking at European, Russian, or Chinese audiences. Once you’ve gained an understanding of what different international audiences like, then create and publish content that builds local readership and earns you credible links. Then, your ready to promote your work and earn further coverage from trusted websites, and other media outlets.

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