Does Meta Description Still Help With SEO?

Meta Description is what you can add to your website, page or post that is a short description regarding the each one. Some believe that meta description is out of date and isn’t relevant anymore.

What is Meta Description and How Does It Apply To Writing Blog Post

Yet in going through my daily reading of blog posts, I came across this article by Duct Tape Marketing entitled, “Is There Any Value in Using Meta Description?“. In the post, it states that…
Since they are going to show something as a matter of fact, why not help inform what they show. If you leave the description attribute blank they will pick up something based on the search term used. If, however, you get in the habit of crafting well-written descriptions, there’s a very good chance they will use your description. As you can see, well-written description are still important and can make a difference to your content being found in search engines. Now how does this affect your Google+ post writing? Good question and here’s how…

How does this apply to Google+?

One of the things that you should remember when writing a post on Google+ is that the first few character are used as a snippet by the search engine. If you treat it like it is a meta description then when you write a post, you will follow the advice of this article.

The key things to keep in mind when writing a Meta Description that you can apply to writing post on Google+ are:

  • Write for readers not search engines (from article).
  • You only have 150 characters (from article). Try to make an impact with your first 150 characters in your post so that you can draw in your target customers via search engines.
  • Include the keyword(s) for your post in the first sentence. Since the first sentence will be include in the snippet of your post, having the keyword(s) there will help your post get found in search engines.

Do you plan on trying it out and are you will to share your results?

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  • Louise says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about this lately, there are some definite benefits from writing your own meta descriptions because you get your keywords in, rather than what search engines choose. Plus the more practiced you get at it, the more you see what works and what doesn’t and it becomes easier.

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