How to Maximize SEO on YouTube

king of the hill, miracle hat, episode, bobby hill, youtubeHard to think that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Admittedly that fact can be missed by some due to YouTube being, well, a video hosting website. But many people use YouTube for any queries they may have to find what they need. After all, content being consumed in video form is a popular choice for most Internet users.

Back when YouTube was a new entity , getting a video optimized for search was as simple as using a relevant keyword for its title. Now, with YouTube being the unstoppable behemoth that it is, making a video SEO-friendly and ranking high in searches can be a tall order.

However, doing so is not impossible if you know what procedures to follow. Read on for tips that should be implemented whenever you use YouTube:

Use ‘Video Keywords’

In the same vein as gathering keywords for articles, ‘video keywords’ are used as a search term for users to identify your content.

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Video keywords are becoming more prevalent due to Google’s continued inclusion of videos in their search results. If you rank number one for your chosen video keyword on YouTube, then you will also be ranking on the first page of Google for said keyword.

Produce a Kick-Ass Video

Content is king, and quality videos are key to succeeding on YouTube.

Advantages to a well produced video:

–          It will help your conversion rate.

–          It will be more likely to be shared by your viewers.

–          It will improve your YouTube statistics.

The latter statement touches on stats like views, retention, comments, and likes. The more of these you gain, the better it is for your SEO ranking on YouTube.

Professional-looking videos are not too difficult to produce these days with all the tools available. Ensure you keep the video to a reasonable length (5-10 minutes long on average), and make sure you cover something relevant and view worthy!

Get Video Views

You’re probably thinking: easier said than done!

However, amassing YouTube views is not as difficult as you may think. Sharing your content via your website and social media is a big help, as is building up a dedicated following for your channel. Yet, if you are continuing to struggle to attain views for your videos, you can hire the services of a company that will send real views your way.

More views equates to more visibility, so it is worth it in the long run.


Browse some YouTube videos that are uploaded in standard definition and you will always read some wise cracks from users in the comments section ragging on the picture quality.

People expect HD these days – if a video is not in high definition, then it will result in less clicks/views and it also reflects negatively on your YouTube channel as whole. After all, a HD video implies you’re investing enough energy and resources that the quality of your content will be high.

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