Local SEO – Step 2: Preparing Your Website for Local Search

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  • Nice tips Brent. I was thinking of doing some tests with two websites for one business to see if both would rank, but after reading the first part I am thinking twice about it. Do you find that having a second site would actually hurt the first sites rankings or would the only problem be that your not adding to the authority of the first site?

  • Hi Brandon,
    Interesting question. My feeling would be that both could rank from a traditional SEO perspective as long as both had original content. It could cause problems for Local SEO unless they each had their own physical address. My main concern would probably be in user experience for the customer – could cause confusion and brand delusion. Would you be doing this to test different design?

  • Yea, I am now thinking it should be two different designs, different content, and maybe even different phone numbers to track the calls coming in. After reading your article and comment I think you’re right about the user experience. So what I may end up doing (if I do it at all) is make the second site a generic site with no logos, just a text title at the top with the city and niche, ex. Los Angeles Tile Contractor. That way their main site is still there (all citations pointing to the main site) and helps represents the brand and the second site would be a non-branded site just for lead capturing.

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