Local SEO – Step 1: Listing Your Business on the Search Engines

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  • I have one question about the google local listing.. How do google verify my business? is it important to provide the land line number for business listings? please help

    • Google will offer you a way to verify at the end of the sign up process- they sometimes provide you options as to how you would like to verify and other times simply offer you one way to do it. One option that is available on some accounts is to verify by phone. They will call the number that you provide to get an instant verification from you. Most times they will offer to send out a postcard to the address listed. The post card will have a PIN number that you can enter to verify the listing once you have it (usually 2-3 weeks). I don’t think that you need to provide the actual landline, however, you try to keep the listing as consistent as possible across the web, and the more information that you do supply, the easier it is for your customer to reach you. Hope this helps – good luck!

  • Good summary Brent. You are so right about local and how it has all changed. Yellow Pages book… what is that again. I would also add from a Canadian perspective these same practices are beneficial. Especially with Google places/local +. Yahoo Local isn’t big in Canada unless there has been a recent change. Yahoo local is still powered by Yellowpages.ca. Good article. Thanks

  • Hi Freddie, thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. Always interesting to hear what is going on in Canada. Maybe Yahoo Local would be better thought of as a citation source in Canada? Thanks again,

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