Local Business SEO: Everything You Need to Know

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  • Hi Pam, this is one of the best overviews of what is involved in local search – the steps businesses need to take – you have hit on all of them.

    For reviews, Phil Rozek has worked with Darren from WhiteSparks and they created a review generator off the the review handouts that Phil created on his website a few years ago. It’s free and great. You just fill in the business information and it create a pdf that can be emailed to customers or clients asking them for a review and giving them instructions. It can also be printed and left on a counter at a Jeweler, restaurant, doctors office, etc. People always have good intensions on leaving a review, but when they go do do it, many times there are roadblocks. Making it easy for someone to leave a review, giving the instructions helps. Phil Rozek blogs about reviews often on his website at http://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/blog/
    He has one of the most informative, entertaining local search blogs out there and many resources on his website to help out with many of the steps you list here.

    Thanks for this overview – going to G+ it! Oh, one last thought, engagement is one of the most important factors once you have that Google+ Page – I see so many businesses not taking advantage that they can now post and engage clients and customers, join communities and more. The more I engage on Google+ using our business page, the more people want to learn about what you do. It really works. It’s easy to get followers on a Google+ profile page, but a My Business Page is much harder – we are up to 70 followers, doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a lot of work getting people to follow a Google+ business page. OK, I’ll stop now : ).

  • Pam is definitely right when she says Local SEO is always changing. Take for instance, Google’s new update Pigeon! It’s caused quite the stir and has made Local SEO even harder than it already is! The biggest change that Pigeon has made is decreasing the queries that are showing in a local listing pack. With fewer 7 packs, that means to get on page 1 of the serps, you need to be in the top 3 instead of the top 7. If you want a further explanation, just visit our website to read about the low-down on this pesky Pigeon! http://www.chatmeter.com/how-googles-new-local-search-algorithm-pigeon-will-affect-your-website/

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