I Don’t Need SEO – Do I?

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  • As user of search engine, my first instinct is – SEO can not be trusted, hence I would stay away from SEO.

    How ever for ebusiness website, SEO may be a good way to funnel business towards them.

    • I think the problem is the SEO companies cannot be trusted. True organic SEO – done when the website is being developed, using WC3 best practices is still extremely important. That means having compliant code, good keyword density, good titles, meta descriptions and excellent content. That is the SEO we are talking about – not the shady link building some SEO companies employ.

  • Thanks for the post Laura. It is also interesting to note that by enacting these new guidelines, Google has directly opened a huge revenue pool for SEO companies, where companies that are willing to pay for their site to be on the first page, may now have to dish out more. Although, it may not be to the same SEO company :) Those that experience the results of the first page may almost do anything to get back there.

    • I agree. For companies who have websites that do not have the on-page and technical optimization Google (and other search engines) are looking for, a redesign might be their only option – opening new markets for website design companies, who also offer SEO.

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