How To Write Articles That Rank On SERP

So you have written your article and you are ready to publish it on your website or blog. But wait for a minute and ask yourself these questions.

  • Will my article be able to rank on SERP?
  • Will it be able to get its position on first page of Google?
  • Am I following the webmaster guidelines?
  • Is my post optimized for search engines?
  • And finally will my content deliver perfect, in-depth and quality information to my readers?

Write Articles That Rank

If your answer is no to any of these questions, then you will never be able to drive any single organic traffic to that particular post. So the questions is how to write articles that will rank on SERP and at the same time will be delivering required information to your visitors.

And in order to help you, I have shared 5 step guide which will help you achieve what you desire. Make sure to check all referral links since they might deliver some extra knowledge.

1# Basic SEO Checklist

It can be an easy task if you have an handy SEO checklist to follow. SEO is ever changing and their could not be any perfect onpage SEO guidelines. But still their are some basic points which you should remember.

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Once you complete writing your content, just check if you have follow all of them. It will help you perform the maximum of your time and will yield better results.

  • Adding keywords in your headlines. ( Try to place it close to the first position ).
  • Remove all stop words from link structure. Words like and, to, how, that, etc.
  • Don’t focus on keyword density. But make sure to place it in first paragraph, middle and last.
  • Use keywords as alternate text for your images. Also add human readable captions.
  • Use short and direct words for internal and external linking. ( Don’t just nofollow all outbound links. )

Also make sure you don’t target more than 2 to 3 key-phrases per post. This will help you limit your vision to different topics and will put all your focus on one single topic.

2# Keyword Research For Better Ranking

In our first section I have said to focus on one particular topic and at the same time I have said to target 2-3 key-phrases. Actually I means to say, you have to collect some LSI, long tail keywords and have to include them in your post.

Now the question is how to find them ?

Don’t you worry I have a solution for you. Below I will share 4 free or trial tools to perform keyword research.

  • Google Adword keyword Suggestion Tool.
  • Traffic Travis. You can use its free version.
  • Raven tool, you will have access to 3 different inbuilt suggestion tool for free for 30 days.
  • Finally market samurai, one of the favorite tool of many internet marketers.

Note : Today their are many better and focused tool as compared to market samurai. You can give a try to Long tail pro and other. Since they are fast, easy and very cheap.

Below I have added a image which will help you perform research in Google adword tool.

#3 Optimization Of Headlines

In the 2nd section you must be able to find the perfect long tail and low competitive keyphrase. Now its time to implement it in your content. Actually its always suggested not to repeat targeted phrase all over, again and again in your titles and content. This make your post look spammy and non worthy.

So we are going to follow this rule and instead we will use our LSI or long tail phrases. This will help you optimize your content for both low competitive and high search volume words. Overall it will only help you get more organic traffic and that’s for free.

How to rank articles with keyword research

How to rank articles with keyword research

#4 Content Optimization

What makes a perfect article, which not only holds your readers eyes but also attract social shares and backlinks.

I think its all about quality and quantity. Back in 2010, many of bloggers and internet marketers used to focus a lot of meta keywords. In simple terms they all use to write their article for search bots rather than visitors.

But time has changed now. Today every search bot is smarter enough to judge if any webpage is following webmaster guidelines or not. If now then their are algorithms like Panda and Penguin who will take care for all your punishments.

I mean to say, today ts time to focus on humans rather than written codes. Try to write engaging, emotional, personal and creative content. Try to add links to different sources, add quotations, ask questions and finally reveal secrets. So these were all about quality.

But when we consider quantity, I mean the article length then their is no perfect limit. Google says, they consider lots of different factors ( almost 200 plus ) before ranking any webpage on SERP. And post length is one among them, but still their are so many other factors which still matters.

For example : If we perform a search on on ” google seo guide 2012 ”

Then you will find that on 4th position their is one website ” monkseo” with total 218 words. And just below it in 9th position is website ” bruceclay ” with total 1573 words. I wish I am clear enough.

#5 Promoting Blog Posts

Finally the most essential part of content marketing is promotion. Many bloggers say “quality content drives traffic automatically “, but I don’t think so. Just try it yourself.

Below I am going to share 5 of the most important websites from where you can surely drive some good and huge referral traffic.

  • Squidoo, one of the world’s most popular web 2.0 sites, (Complete Squidoo has been made nofollow).
  • Hubpages, second most popular web2.0 site ( I personally fell so ).
  • Ezinearticles, it used to be popular but can still be effective.
  • Yahoo voice, its a community based website which allows you to share your thoughts on any particular niche.
  • eHow, a website with worldwide Alexa rank below 125 and with millions of monthly visitors.

Ok now below I am sharing top 5 dofollow social bookmarking and sharing websites.

I wish my 5 step guide would be helpful to you all. I have tried to cover almost every important topic necessary for content marketing. Please kindly share your thoughts and suggestions.

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