How to Set-up Google Authorship on Your Website or Blog

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  • A great read. Authorship will seriously boost the quality writers and will enable them to get better opportunities for Freelance writing. It will seriously differentiate everyone on the basis of their content. Great Move Google.

  • Carb Backloading says:

    I just did this on my WP blog and I have to be honest. It worked! I’ve looked for the steps to do this on and off for about a year and everybody else made it so complicated. I don’t have an email address on the domain that I blog so it seemed impossible to set this up. I went thru your steps and the structured data tool reports that I’m verified and everything is working! I can’t wait to see what gets updated in the webmaster tools.

  • Hi Carb

    Glad the guide helped with setting up authorship on your blog.



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