How Negative Feedback Can Become Positive Fuel for Your SEO

“How can I make negative content about my brand into something positive?”

This is a question that is on the mind of many business owners and marketing managers worldwide. The internet has become such a large part of our everyday lives that it is no longer something that businesses can afford not to explore to its fullest potential – this includes everything under the user generated content umbrella, namely social media, blogs, and user review sites.

Turn that frown upside down

Though your first reaction at seeing a negative comment / post / etc appear might be to wring your hands or shake your finger angrily at your monitor, take a moment to compose yourself before forming your response. Don’t make the mistake of delaying too long, but you do need to take the time to get yourself together and write your reply so that the only things showing through are your professionalism and courtesy.

Take any negative feedback or information you find with a grain of salt, and try to see it from the original poster’s point of view. Do your best to form a reply that is not only positive and professional, but is also carefully composed to contain the kind of message you would want customers to find if they were searching for you online; people are going to find the original negative content at some point, but then they will see your reply and be able to make a fair assessment of your company. Not only does this make you and your brand look good, but it also puts more good content out there to balance out the bad. This is something that many white label SEO services like RankPop will recommend as solid reputation management (which should be a part of any good SEO / Internet Marketing strategy anyway.)

Take the feedback and run with it

Negative feedback can be just the kind of information you need to take your marketing to the next level.

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If that raised an eyebrow or two, don’t worry, we’re going somewhere good with this one!

You can use any negative feedback as fuel for your SEO campaign as well as your general marketing efforts. Brands pay big bucks for user feedback, testing, focus groups, etc. You may have even done so yourself in the past, and these are all great ways to find out what people think of your brand…but how likely are you to find someone in these hand-picked numbers who is genuinely dissatisfied with what you have to offer? Not very likely; the most vocal of your detractors will prefer the anonymity of the internet, and it is time to take back the power and use these less-than-encouraging words to do something positive for your business.

Use the specific details of each piece of negative content and work them into your next set of blog posts, social messages, and so forth. Demonstrate that you as a brand are listening to the concerns and questions of your customers by taking action! Does someone have an issue with your customer service? Address the issue and make a short video post to your blog explaining how your brand handles customer care at all levels.

In conclusion, the best way to make negative content about your brand fuel your SEO is to turn it against itself. Do not take it as something negative, but rather as something positive that just got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Respond to your detractors and politely and firmly explain your side of things, and invite them to get in touch with you personally if they would like to. Then take what they have told you about your brand and make it work for you. If they did not like the way you shipped their order, take another look at your packaging, and if you do make changes be sure to blog about them, talk about them on your social media accounts, and let everyone know that these changes are all thanks to feedback from your customers. It’s an SEO win for you and a satisfaction win for them!

Who would have thought that negative content about your brand could have a chance of becoming a winning situation?

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