How Does Google Treat Shared Hosting Accounts?

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  • Melisa, I wonder about the prudence of using the names of our children, other relatives or pets for domain name registration.

    Certainly the two former options, children or other relatives, could take the focus off of our own names and identities, but doesn’t it then put those other people’s names into the same unwanted spotlight we are trying to avoid? The latter option, pets, doesn’t sit well with me given the obvious trends Google is setting with regard to original/quality content, authorship tags and other measures that have the underlying quality of “truth.” The penalties for behavior they are deeming as unethical are becoming heavier and heavier.

    Sure, it may be unlikely that Google will even penalize us for using good ol’ Rover’s name, but then how legitimate does that name look when Google or a prospective customer queries our WHOIS information as one of their measurements of our business-worthiness?

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