How are SEO and Web Hosting Related?

SEO and web hosting are both solutions that make it possible for your web site to receive a lot of online exposure so that it can be viewed by millions of people all over the world. Both solutions work hand in hand to ensure web site owners benefit from maximum optimization. A good/effective web hosting service is one that incorporates certain essential SEO components into its control panel. These components include the inserted title tags and meta tags.

When selecting a web hosting service, web site owners should use one that is designed to promote search engine optimization. Web hosting services that offer high quality service will be those with an administrative panel that maximizes the SEO of a web site. It does this by formatting the web site’s code so that it appeals to, and attracts the search engine bots. This will ultimately determine what rank your page receives.

SEO Web Hosting and Regular SEO

It should be made clear that there is a difference between SEO web hosting, and the regular SEO practices that are done to promote an article. Doing the regular SEO to optimize on content involves the use of dedicated key words that are added or inserted to the target article. The keywords then act like accessories that link the terms the searcher types into the search engine to the relevant web page. The user is redirected to that landing page once they click on the keywords.

SEO web hosting is more complex and performs a related, though different, function. According to, the integrated web host “specializes on assigning several IP addresses to make your domain actively look like it’s coming from different locations at a particular time rather than the standard type that can be searchable and tracked down as coming from a single source.” As a web host, SEO acts like a filter that removes unnecessary traffic from particular sites where the excess traffic could be viewed with suspicion, and lead to the banning of your web site.

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Web hosting and SEO hosting both allow web site owners to publish their sites on the supplied internet service using their own unique domain names. This is done on a dedicated server that is provided by the web host, with a specified amount of space. Web hosting is where certain data for your website is stored on a particular server. You may opt to use a shared host or one that you manage yourself to access its features.

Web site owners have many options when it comes to selecting a web hosting service, but due diligence must be employed to research what is offered before you subscribe. You need to be informed on what the service can do for your web site as well as what it cannot do. Select a web hosting service that carries an SEO-friendly administrative panel that allows for integration with external SEO applications. Search for and make use of web applications that are compatible with the administrative panel, and use them to automate your SEO activities.

Yogesh Mankani contributed this guest post on behalf of – read more about their reader generated web hosting reviews. Yogesh is a freelance technology writer with extensive experience in SEO and hosting.

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  • I wanted to help clarify. SEO based hosting is used as one of many tactics to build a great seo foundation. Its not a one thing and you will have great rankings. If you buy a domain and dont put in the work to create everything needed to build a great site, nothing will help you. You have to take the time to build a website with great content. Then when you have multiple sites running, you want to make sure you have them set up on a host that understands hosting multiple domains or multiple wordpress blogs. It can get very tricky running a dozen or so blogs so imagine what happens when you host 1000+ wordpress blogs. So make sure your host understands seo hosting.

    Good Luck – sorry for the rant :-)

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