Have You Noticed An Increase in Low Quality Results Showing in the SERPS?

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  • Good post Seb. There are always low quality results which I could pick on (which I wont) but I haven’t necessarily seen an increase in low quality results recently. I have seen what appears to be more of a shift towards brand ‘favouritism’ within search over the past couple of months (since the Jan 17th flux to be precise).

    That said, I’ve seen several instances recently whereby the backlink profiles of sites ranking highly have absolutely appalling backlink profiles. I’m talking huge web rings of spam content with multiple outbound links to various industries; typical old school blackhat techniques. The sad thing is those techniques still seem to work for some people!

    Authorship is inevitably going to play a greater role in the validity of content on the web in the near future; which in turn should add a strongly signal of authority to search engines. That combined with other social signals should make for a good starting point to rid search of spam. I won’t hold my breath though…


    • I agree Chris. It’s really quite sad and unfortunate that sites like the ones above are still ranking, as well as big brands with terrible backlink profiles too. Yet decent content websites with a few links here and there have no say whatsoever because they aren’t “brands” or credible enough.

      Also, regarding what you mentioned above about there not being a noticeable rise. I’d say there is for sure, I’ve only been in the gambling sector for 3 years. However, only in the last 6 months or so have these ultra poor spam randomwebsiteblackjackcasinoscrazy.co.uk domains been popping up and dominating on a regular basis.

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