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If you have a website online that is simple and attractive, then there are very minute chances that it will attract the high traffic and most importantly help you to make money online. It is important that a best website must have more excellent features than just the flashy or visual appeal. When a site is in on the World Wide Web, then there is a very high chance that it may get tough competition from the various other sites already present. The bad ranking of your website means that it has no place in an Internet World.

As a business owner, if you are seriously looking to promote your website online, then with the help of the search engine optimization tools you can achieve success and create a robust presence on the Internet. If you are totally alien about the SEO concepts, then you can seek the services of a reputed company that provides the search engine optimization and marketing services. Here are the various important tools that will help you a lot to improve your business visibility online by leaps and bounds:


If your competitor’s search engine rankings are higher than you, then certainly it is not a good news for you. You must always try to keep an eagle’s eye on the keywords of your competitors so that you can incorporate them on to your website and gain good rankings. For this very purpose, you can use a popular tool that is known as SEMRush. It is essentially a free and paid tool used for the purpose of finding keywords to optimize and driving traffic to the website. That is not all as you can do lots of other great things with this particular tool.

Besides digging out the keywords, you can also get the statistical details about the traffic; search volumes and the amount spend by the competitors on the AdWords ads. The best thing here is that you can export all the pivotal data in an Excel spreadsheet with the help of the tool. The tool helps you to efficiently analyze your competitors SEO strategy and improve your webpage positions in the major search engines.

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HubSpot is a marketing software company that provides a convenient package or the tools to improve the traffic of the website, creating the unique and attractive content, converting the sale leads and analytics report. It makes every effort to drive a considerable amount of traffic on to the websites by efficiently marketing them through blogging and the various social media websites.

Microsoft SEO ToolKit

It is a great tool to that provides the tools to identify the SEO issues that are affecting the ranking and traffic of a website. The notable thing here is that this kit can be used in the various search engines such as the Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to optimize the performance of your website. This tool also helps in increasing the traffic of the website and revenue, keep the search engines updated with your latest website information and discover the issues in the website design rectify them and enhance the user experience.


GTmetrix is one of the best free tools that helps you to figure out the speed or loading time of your webpage. In today’s busy time, users do not have much time to wait and if your page eats up a lot of time to get loaded, then it is not good for your business. This tool creates a test score for your different web pages and also provides the useful measures to rectify the problem. If you are into an online business and desire to attract the prospective customers and excellent sales leads, then usage of this tool is a must for you.


Ahrefs is a great collection of the various SEO tools that helps in analyzing the new and the lost backlinks. There is a site explorer option where you can get the important information about the total backlinks, referring subnets, referring pages, backlink types and referring domains. So, with this excellent tool, you can look forward improve your website’s performance and enhance your market presence.


SEOmoz is primarily a software development company that provides great SEO software’s that help in increasing the visibility and ranking of a website. Some of the best search engine optimization tools are as follows:

  • Campaign Manager: This tool helps in analyzing the website traffic, keyword rankings and detects the errors on the web pages.
  • Followerwonk: This tool helps in increasing the social presence. With this tool, you can connect with the people on various social networking websites, analyze their activities and market your product.
  • Link Analysis: This tool helps in analyzing the backlinks that is bringing the traffic to the website. You can also sort out the links to get more insights into the follow and no follow links.
  • On-Page Analysis: This tool helps in enhancing the optimal performance of the websites by providing a full report about the pages that have been optimized by using the targeted keywords.
  • Rank Tracking: This tool helps you to have a close tab on the rankings of your website in the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).
  • Crawl Test: This tool helps in identifying the problems in your website that is preventing the crawlers to index your web page.
  • SEO Toolbar: This tool helps in having a closer look at the link metrics and gets the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) results.
  • Keyword Analysis: This tool helps in analyzing the keywords that can boost traffic to your website.

Therefore, it is crystal clear that the search engine optimization tools are one of the best ways to optimize your website, increase the traffic and revenue.

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  • neelesh says:

    hi ..the article was very good.. i really enjoyed reading u r article

    Thank you so much..for such a nice article

  • StanDMan says:

    I must say I enjoyed this article and there is a wealth of information that anyone especially those new to Google-SEO practises can gain a lot from.

    I would also like to add if I may, the biggest mistake I feel most people make when embarking on their SEO activities. That being to become Bogged down with all the latest this and that must have’s and do’s and don’ts etc …

    The hardest thing about climbing the search engine rankings (Free Organic Traffic) is the amount of work you will have to do on a regular basis. You may or may not be aware that from a Google crawl point of view one of the biggest factors for steadily climbing up the rankings is Quality content and Regularly Updated Content! Everything else will be a secondary consideration. Keep adding new information to your website/page will take a lot of effort. You won’t hear a lot of people talk about this factor until you invest in various education courses.

    Yes, all the tools are an additional help which only aids your efforts of initially providing quality content. I have outlined for anyone interested 6 of the most important Fundamentals to steadily raising the search engines and therefore increasing your websites visitor traffic. You should be able to visit in the signature link but will also list below.

    There are a number of free tools and all very excellent too. For a nominal free I personally use a programme called ‘WebFire’ which gives me all the tools I need under one roof and comes with Weekly SEO tuition to keep me ahead of the game and increase my knowledge base. Alternatively you can employ the services of a professional company but which ever option you choice the work has to be done. Also, you will need to have a fair understanding of the subject if only to know if the company is giving you good value for money and doing all the vital work that is needed!

    So here you can check out the 6 fundamentals and Webfire:

    Happy Hunting

    Stan Nelson

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