Google Plus Authorship

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  • Thanks for this overview of Google Plus Authorship. There is indeed nothing to worry about the Google exclusivity for the author profile. Google is the search engine #1 and it greatly appreciates that authors take credit for what they write.

  • It’s good to have these important information remind us that authorship holds value. And taking the the time to make sure that everything is updated will allow you to have more boost in the search engines, not to mention Google’s ranking. Cheers!

  • It’s not as easy as it sounds. Google could have streamlined the process and made it so much easier. They went the same way with Google+ Local. I know many otherwise very intelligent business owners that are beating their heads against the wall over that one.

    In any case, I’ve done the steps above, and Google’s rich snipets tool still indicates authorship isn’t set up properly, despite the fact it says my email is verified, the content shows my author name, and the site is in my authorship section in my G+ account. My head hurts……

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