Google Penguin 1.1 Confirmed – What To Do About It

Google Penguin 1.1

Google has just confirmed a new data refresh to their Google Penguin algorithm. After the initial release of Google Penguin on 24 April Webmasters have been scratching their heads wondering what is they have to do to adhere to these latest updates.

What Is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is the name of the latest algorithm update that Google has released to target over optimisation and poor back link profiles. Since its inception a number of low quality content thin affiliate sites have been hit. Google has stated that this update was released to reward high-quality sites and purge the web of black hat webspam.

Matt Cutts confirmed this update at 5am GMT (10pm PST) on Friday which means that the majority of Webmasters in the U.S are still unaware of this update. So there’s not much news on how this has affected search results as of yet although Matt Cutts has stated that this update affects less than 0.1% of English searches.

What Does Google Want?

I’ve previously written a post regarding Google Penguin and given an in-depth plan of action of how these new updates affect websites and how you can overcome this new SEO terrain on B2C. You can read it here – Hit By Google Penguin? Here’s Your Plan Of Action To Get Back To Page 1!

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What Should I Do Now?

Sites that we hit by the initial Penguin update should check their stats to see if any of their sites have seen organic fluctuation. Those of you that have been tracking your verticals should check competitor results as well to see how they’ve faired.

If you have been hit by this latest release of Google Penguin any need to go over your back link profile weed out anything that isn’t above the board and start engaging in content marketing and high-quality outreach. Start treating your website as a bricks and mortar business and not as a disposable entity and you’ll start to see an increase in your SERPS.

As ever the worst thing you can do when a new update is announced is to do nothing. Take action, visit forums, start engaging and stay on top of the game otherwise you will get left behind.

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