Google+ and SEO: How G+ Can Optimize Your Content and Improve Search Results in 5 Easy Steps

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  • Thanks for the tips here. I am pretty new to G+, but I did notice my klout score go up once I started to use G+. I imagine everything else will follow.

  • Amanda says:

    On the onset of Google + I knew that it would have a good effect with SEO since Google owns it. G+ hasn’t been utilized that much by a lot of users but if we do we know we could benefit from it. Google rocks with all their ideas.

  • Thanks for the inspiration. I’m reasonably new to G+, and am still feeling my way.

    I need to follow tip #5 — diversify. There are so many choices and options in social media it gets confusing.

  • Thank you for this information. I do have a google + personal profile and several company pages, but did not realise the significance that these potentially played in my business. I will be following your advice, and will see if I end up with improved traffic and rankings etc for my sites.

  • Lisa says:

    Really great tips. I (like everybody else it seems) is new to Google+. I’ve been looking at it as just one more thing to do. But, it sure sounds like I better get doing it!
    Thanks for the article.

  • Amit says:

    great artical! esp for a relative noob to the G+ and IM world.. great info, thank you!

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