Google Analytics “Not Provided” is a Double Standard

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  • They launched Analytics Premium back in late Sept in 2011, a month before search results would be encrypted providing the np (not provided) info. See . Cost is $150,000 per year. By the way, there is a way to steal back some data: check this for applying a filter on the np result >

    Good luck.

  • Found your article on the web – with Google’s help :) It had some good information, thanks for publishing it.

    I think Google will always keep some version of analytics free, if only because the results show so graphically that Google dominates the web. In the last 16 days, for example, I’ve gotten 445 visitors to my site who found it on Google, and 32 who found it using Bing (who came in second, as far as search engines.) Google’s not going to try to hide information like that.

    I don’t mind their charging more for a premium version of analytics. They provide a valid service; what’s wrong with charging for it? I mean, you charge for your services, right? We all hate paying for things, but we want to be paid as much as possible ourselves.

  • You hit the nail on the head with the fact that they can show it for PPC but not organic. If it was about security, they would show it for neither. I realize they have the disclaimer, but they could add that disclaimer to their organic results as well. In the future we will have to buy the data through PPC campaigns.

  • I think very soon Google will show only PPC adds on the first page of search result and the organic search result on second ad the amount of add is increasing. In future each site owner will have to buy Webmaster, Analytics and PPC from Google. So the sit owners should start paying for PPC not for SEO because Google will make them to do this very soon.

  • ‘Not Provided’ makes up 30% of my search traffic. Google pretend to ‘do no evil’ but they effectively just do what they want and users have no input or say. Same as how they can ban an Adsense account with no reason or warning

  • I have set up “keyword conversions” in custom reporting section where i am getting 40% as ‘not provided’ keywords. Can anyone tell me any free analytic software where i can track proper keyword conversions.

  • This just proves that people shouldn’t be using Google as much as they do. They should be using bing and yahoo much more. It’s us that are making this money sucking 2nd largest company in the world grow. They haven’t got enough and they will aim for more.
    We are not far from the point when the word Internet will dissapear from all dictionaries as everybody will call it Google. That is so sad and I am surprised that media are quiet and don’t do anything about it. Google recently completely changed their algorithm and ruined lives of thousands of people.

  • Across the sites we manage, we are seeing (not provided) for about 40% of traffic, which is just a nightmare!

    As everyone mentions, this doesn’t happen for PPC ironically.

  • I’m showing between 15% to 28% of NP traffic across ~50 websites. But the number has been increasing for every site since November. Considering NP didn’t exist at this time last year, if the numbers keep trending upward, in a year or two, tracking keywords in Analytics could be worthless. Thanks for the link Remy.

  • Hi Nick,

    We recently conducted a study that showed that Google’s “not provided” keywords have increased by 171% over the last 12 months.

    Some other stats from the data were:
    – 64 percent of companies analyzed in the study see 30 to 50 percent of their traffic from Google as “not provided”.
    – 81 percent of the companies analyzed in the study see over 30 percent of their traffic from Google as “not provided”.
    – Recognized referring keywords from organic search declined by 49 percent.

    Pretty surprising results!


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