Expected Changes In SEO This 2013

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  • I hope to be helpful not hurtful when I say this post would be taken a little more seriously if it had been properly edited. I write several blogs per week and would be lost without my editors who often find and correct my mistakes. To write poorly about quality content is inexcusable – more for the publisher than the writer. For example, although irregardless may be found in some dictionaries it’s listed as nonstandard, which means it’s not proper. Regardless, in most cases it’s not needed – regardless alone expresses the point as Grammar Girl outlines here. http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/irregardless.aspx
    I will not belabor the point, but there are changes an experienced editor could add to make it “easier for people to read”

  • I have always expected SEO to constantly change and go with the times. I think that these changes just improve the quality or content of the different websites.

  • i agree with Randy, as i was reading through the content it dawned on me that this information may be useless because i couldnt trust a site that writes as bad as me, i have a professional go over my articles too, because i know if things were said as i speak them on my site then it would deter potential clients…

  • Great list of changes and things to work on in 2013. I have started working on my Google Authorship for one of my sites and if it works well I will add it to the rest of my content. Thank you so much for mentioning social bookmarking. I use it all of the time and have much success with it. Anchor text did bite me a while back but after understanding it and making some changes things got back to normal. Quality Quality Quality is what works today. This is the new SEO of today.

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